Unfolding the History of the UAE through the Zayed Heritage Center

Zayed Heritage Center is one of the most important cultural destinations of Abu Dhabi. It is a fascinating point of getting off for all interested ones in knowing the history of the United Arab Emirate’s evolution. One cannot understand the present prosperity of the UAE without remembering the life of Sheikh Zayed, the founder President of the nation from 2nd December 1971.

Unfolding the History of the UAE through the Zayed Heritage Center 1

About The Honourable President His Highness Sheikh Zayed

Devotedly called the “Father of the Nation,” His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was the ruler of Abu Dhabi from the year 1966. Zayed Heritage Center was primarily built to his ovation. This place respectfully holds his memories and showcases his hard work, vision, in-depth religious belief, and resolution towards the nation. Sheikh Zayed shaped this emirate to establish itself as a glorious global union.

As a matter of fact, the Emirate was poverty-stricken and backward until Sheikh Zayed secured the crude oil industry of the country. His perception and apprehension have led the nation towards becoming a dominant oil-producing country. The land was previously engaged in fishing and pearl diving economy.

Unfolding the History of the UAE through the Zayed Heritage Center 2

About Zayed Heritage Center

Zayed Heritage Center is located in the Emirati Heritage Village of Abu Dhabi. The center is full of the memories of the Late Founder President of the UAE. It displays the life the president had actually lived. The center is well stocked with Camels that shows how life used to be before. Pictures of the royal and international dignitaries who have visited the center during the founder president’s reign and after are there on the wall. All the collectible relics of the president and his favourite belongings are archived in the center. This includes his hunting rifle, clothing, gun, vehicles, and many more. The patrimony museum of Zayed Heritage Center is a research center about the evolution of the UAE under his leadership.

The historical museum adorns pictures of the President clicked at various occasions during his supremacy. His personal belongings and proud possessions are on display for the visitors to cherish. The President’s pictures with global pillars of the world tell about the extensive travels he made for the country’s development.

Unfolding the History of the UAE through the Zayed Heritage Center 3

The late President’s favorite cars are all on exhibition in the museum. The President also was in possession of several wild animals like Cheetah and Lions. Founder president Sheikh Zayed have had received these animals as gifts from his patrons all over the world. The animals are still restored and are on public display at the homage center at 92, Al Quffal Street, Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi.

The Al-Nahyan family has ruled Abu Dhabi and worked intensively behind the prosperity of this for once cultivating village. The heritage center also dedicates itself to the memory of various praised lords of the Al-Nahyan family. These rulers ruled the nation at a different point in time. The Museum categorically demonstrates their contribution towards the development of the UAE. It displays the life and culture of Abu Dhabi under the subsequent rulers as well.

Unfolding the History of the UAE through the Zayed Heritage Center 4


Opening Hours and Other Necessary Details:

The heritage center opens from all Sundays to Thursdays From 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. It remains closed on every Friday and Saturday. English and Arabic speaking escorts conduct tours inside the estate. Seven days prior booking requires the guided tour. Our travel consultants do that for you once you book travel to this terminus with us.

There is no entry fee for this great foundation. Also, there is no age or gender restriction to enter here. You approximately need 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours to roam around the vast archive.

Tourists can visit any season as the internal temperature of this museum is artificially controlled.

Unfolding the History of the UAE through the Zayed Heritage Center 5

Rules To Follow At the Zayed Heritage Centre

The United Arab Emirates is a conservative nation amidst all its global prosperity. You’re required to follow certain rules while you are in this Nation. There are particular rules to enter every cultural heritage of the country. Let us take you through the set of rules for the Zayed center:

  1. It is at most important for both men and women to appear in decent an appropriate clothing while entering the Zayed Centre. No shorts and sleeveless are allowed for any gender.
  2. Visitors are expected to be respectful and decorous in their behavior inside the heritage center. Littering the museum at inappropriate places is an offense. The maintenance staff and security of the premises is very watchful on the visitors. Any inappropriate or unsatisfactory might lead you to unwanted consequences.
  3. Tourists and holidaymakers are supposed to use modest and tasteful words during their visit. It is prohibited to use offensive language inside the heritage house.

Our guides will escort you in your visit and inform you about the details of every rule at all obligatory sections.

Unfolding the History of the UAE through the Zayed Heritage Center 6

Fun for the Kids

People of all age can enjoy Sheikh Zayed Heritage Centre. Kids especially love this place to see the weapons and equipment of the past. Some guns and apparatus of the glorious past amaze every visitor.

Amaze For the Researchers

A lot of studies are done on the evolution of this Emirate under Sheikh Zayed. Researchers from all around the world visit Zayed Center to know about the history of this place. There are a lot of ingredients that can be gathered from this Museum. Every section and department of the museum is all full of information about the evolution of the city from a pearl-cultivating colony to a modern-day prosperous city. His Highness Sheikh Zayed used all modern apparatus and articles for his living. Investigators and experimenters of history usually get bewildered to see the use of the advanced camera by the honorable President. Those are all on display for the public to see. The recent renovation of the heritage center made the museum more attractive for the tourists.

Unfolding the History of the UAE through the Zayed Heritage Center 7

Family Holiday Spot

If you are with the family and traveling to Abu Dhabi, then this place is a must visit attraction for all. You can learn many things about the expansion and enlargement of the nation from here. As a tourist to any new country, your prime motive is to know in details about the roots and cultures of the country. This homage foundation will add a lot to your purpose. You probably would not like to only spend your Abu Dhabi tour by clicking pictures. Make a memory with us by knowing our land. Sheikh Zayed Heritage Centre welcomes you with open hands to know about the early life of this Emirate, and it is blooming under the honorable Founder President Late His Highness Sheikh Zayed.

Unfolding the History of the UAE through the Zayed Heritage Center 8

Our driver and guide will be with you all the while. Parking lots are available at the heritage center. You do not have to look for our car after your visit. We will remain just at the corner to welcome you back. You relish yourself over a delightful cup of Arabic tea or coffee during your stay.

There are two traditional buildings inside the compound. There are two vintage cars at the entrance to greet you with the flavor of old-age Abu Dhabi.

History of ADCO

You can see the story of the evolution of Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Petroleum Operations Ltd., popularly known as the ADCO. This campus is inside the museum premises. It narrates the story during the 1930s when oil companies from around the world visited this place to survey the presence of oil wells in the country. The progress of this economically backward nation starts from there. The entire history of ADCO is on display with the dates of critical events in chronologic order. Sheikh Zayed was the central pillar behind the successful survey and discovery of oil wells in the UAE. His efforts made the economic transformation of the country possible in such short time.

There is another exhibition of the Abu Dhabi Police Force in the museum. You can know about their operation and segregation by looking at their displays. The Emirates Post room exhibits the nation’s stamps and postal envelopes issued over the years.

Kids enjoy the guns, cameras, walkie-talkies and other different tools of the Abu Dhabi police, along with their uniform at the display. The male and female police outfits are all on the show on amusing models.

Glorious Vehicle Room of the Museum

The essential rooms in the museum are the one that has the four most loved cars of the late President. He used those vehicles to move around the city sans his minders or guards. The center stage decorated beautifully with multi-colored flags. The walls have pictures and portraits of the President. There are several images taken during his hunting ventures, and these photos show the President’s fondness for hunting.

The sizeable golden clock used by the President is one of his vital possessions. The museum authority maintains his fond of camel nurturing and fosters a lot of them until the time.

The President’s room is still well-maintained and has the same furniture intact. The bed and used amenities are kept appropriately in his memory. His clothes and accessories kept nicely in his closet. The heritage museum truly deserves appreciation in restoring the memoirs of the Late Founder President most devotedly.

Unfolding the History of the UAE through the Zayed Heritage Center 9

Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival

Fortunate are the people who visit Abu Dhabi during the annual celebration of the Sheikh Zayed Heritage Festival. The emirate observes this event every year in the fond memory of the UAE’s founding father – H.H. Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. This festival is organized to pay tribute to the Late President for his significant role in leading the country towards a prosperous future. The people celebrate the rich culture of the country and its diversified traditions during the festival.

The remarkable achievement of the UAE in such a short period is only possible due to the motivating accomplishments of its predecessors. The festival embellishes the results and salutes the achievements.

The ceremony honors the Nation’ Wing and culture. By and large, the Folk arts of the nation are on exhibition, along with the traditional customs of the country.

Unfolding the History of the UAE through the Zayed Heritage Center 10

Prime Attractions of the Festival

The Famous Falconry of the UAE

Falconry is a famous sport in the Middle East. People consider it to be a status symbol. Aristocrats of the UAE treasure falcons and fly them. Falconry is one of the great attractions of the annual festival. You can see a lot of falconry happening in the center during the festival. People bring their tamed falcons and demonstrate various activities of the bird. You can see a wide variety of the falcon birds coming to the festival with their masters during this time.

Unfolding the History of the UAE through the Zayed Heritage Center 11

Camel Races

The ship of the desert is on display during the festival. They are well nurtured and groomed to take participation in the camel races. This animal grew in the Middle East for milk, meat, skin, and hair. Moreover, the prizes considered for the winning camel is immensely lucrative. People around the world book tours with us during this time of the year to witness this grand affair.

Unfolding the History of the UAE through the Zayed Heritage Center 12

Arabian Horses

The Arabian horse is one unique and oldest breed. Those were used during wars and often traded to various countries. These horses are brought to the fair to organize races.

Unfolding the History of the UAE through the Zayed Heritage Center 13

Hunting Dogs

The Arabian greyhound, popularly called the Saluki, is the one classic dominion of the UAE. The annual festival organizes various dog shows related to the Saluki. It is no doubt a grand affair in the city during this time.

Unfolding the History of the UAE through the Zayed Heritage Center 14

As We End

We as a tour organizer always emphasize on knowing a place better than only spending time in clicking pictures. Once you know about a place in details you can release your trip more. Tourist these days, in fact, are more fascinated to know about the culture of a place and its history. We focus more on providing you with every minute detail the cultural heritage we should to you. Contact us to book your memorable trip at Abu Dhabi soon!

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