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Dubai Souks And Bazaars
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Dubai Souks and Bazaars

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The word Dubai has become synonymous with tourism and shopping. The shopping experience in Dubai is different to the other top cities in the world. The city rated as next best shopping center after the USA leads the countries such as Singapore, France, the UK and Hong Kong. The city caters to both high-end shoppers as well as those who shop with limited budget. Dubai city boasts over 20 shopping centers, will take you around the best where you can buy signature products as well to those malls that will give you the pleasure of bargaining.
  • Pick up Time 09.00AM/Your Time
    8 hrs
  • Activity Level Moderate
  • Group Size Max. 6 Person
  • Duration Shopping Tours

Highlights of the Trip

Choose 3 exciting shopping experience among dozens of malls of wonderful Dubai. The word Dubai has become synonymous with tourism and shopping. The shopping experience in Dubai is different to the other top cities in the world.  We offer our expert guides who are thorough with the products, price, and places to provide you best of Dubai shopping experience.  

We cater to both the top-notch buyers who look for signature products in fashion wear, jewelry, handicrafts, best carpets and the choicest spices. We also assist and join those who enjoy bargaining while buying cloth, electronic products, and others. Call us today for the ultimate Dubai shopping experience.

Things to Expect On the Trip

8 hours Dubai Shopping Tour covering places mentioned below. Note: Any of 3 Shopping Experience
  1. Cost of the Tour is USD 229 or AED 840
  2. Start Time: 09.00AM or your suitable time
  3. Up to 5 people. Extra 1 person if no exclusive guide or with little adjustable comfort in the tour.
  4. English speaking Guide cum Driver
  5. Exclusive or other language guides at additional cost USD 150/-
  6. Includes a bottle of water

Places covered in Dubai Shopping Tour

In the tour, we will cover the following choice of places
Dubai Old Souk
For the visitor who has seen the vertical development of new Dubai along the Sheikh Zayed Road, the old souks located on both the sides of the Dubai Creek will offer a pleasant change. You will find the old gold and spice souks on the north side of the creek known as Deira Dubai and a range of textile shops on the south side called Bur Dubai. You will be delighted to walk through the old-fashioned alleys of Bur Dubai that retain the charm and the rows of shops that offer best of bargains only you must know how to bargain. Go around the textile souk to buy the cloth of your choice on wholesale prices. Take an Abra ride to the other side to enter Deira Dubai and enjoy a walk through watching the wooden dhows close to the quayside and the range of goods in the process of export. The aroma of spice souk will welcome you. Rows of shops in the narrow alley will amaze you with a range of spices and try to get their names if you are an avid learner. If you look to bargain and buy the best spices just compare the prices you had seen in the supermarkets. The gold souk in Deira Dubai has comparatively wider lanes to walk through. You will be amazed at the variety of jewelry and the incredible display of them.
Gold & Spice Souk
The word Souk is an Arabic word, which denotes a marketplace where you can buy and sell goods. The old souks once dealt with products from Asian and far Asian countries. The modernized Souks offer the best of shopping experience to the tourists. Shopping Tours In Dubai are no doubt interesting.
Dubai Gold Souk
The Dubai Gold Souk is close to Dubai Creek in Deira’s Al Ras area. You will find rows and rows of gold shops displaying a range of ornaments made of 22 and 24 ct gold in the narrow lanes. You will be amazed to find the shop windows packed with brooches, bangles, earrings, rings, assorted necklaces and more. The souk shops display both traditional and modern jewelry. You will find gold ornaments decorated with shades of yellow, white, pink and more.   If you know the art of bargaining, it is time you can perfectly practice it here. The shops allow the buyers to bargain and offer the best prices. Even if you go without an intention to buy, the temptation to buy the gold at its best farms with the power of bargaining will ultimately take over. in their Dubai Shopping Tour will assist you to make the best bargains. The most preferred shopping tour is Shopping Tour of 8 Hours in which one gets enough time for making purchases.
Dubai Spice Souk
The souk located very close to Gold Souk will invite you with the aroma of a range of spices and the colorful display. Finding an unlimited number of spices brought from all over the world at a single location will give you rare but stimulating experience. The spices from best of their origins in the world and the Middle East will envelop you with the tantalizing aroma. You can buy cloves, curry, chili, turmeric, best saffron, cinnamon, cardamom, dried flower buds such as hibiscus, lavender, chrysanthemum, and dried lemon. You will also find a range of dry fruits, dates, nuts and basmati rice. You will get know the best of spices from the world over at one place.
Al Fahidi Market
The market located within a short distance from the Al Fahidi Fort has a good number of old type houses with conventional patio at the front. The tall sized wind towers and narrow lanes offer the tourists a glimpse of old Dubai. The new Al Fahidi Market, whose constructions will get completed in a few months time will have a number of energy-saving features to cut down the energy usage by 45%. The market constructed at a cost ofDh50.5 million will occupy around 27000 sq.m area.
Naif Souk
The Naif Souk was once a camel market and later developed into a single level full-fledged market. During olden times it was also called as Souk Sanadiq due to its old box-like shops. An unexpected electrical fire destroyed the market in 2008. It was reconstructed in 2010. Now the fully air-conditioned market has a total 218 shops, 111 shops on the ground floor and 107 shops in the first floor. The car parking at Souk can accommodate around 100 cars. Unlike the big branded malls, the Naif Souk houses small shops that sell electronic goods, textiles, handbags, jewelry, wrist watches, leather goods and other souvenirs. The market allows the visitors the pleasure and the thrill of bargaining.
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