Shopping Assistance

Shopping Assistance in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates of UAE.

Dubai is one among the few countries in the world that offers its tourists an exciting shopping experience. The country with dozens of malls and souks offer unlimited shopping exposure to its guests.

For all the shopping enthusiasts, Dubai can be like a heaven. The annual shopping festival in Dubai organized by its tourism department is a testimony to the fact that people of Dubai take their shopping experiences pretty seriously. Whether you are a first time visitor or have been a lover of Dubai for many years, shopping is something you would want to do when here. With Trip Plan Dubai, you can get expert personal shopping assistant in Dubai that would help you explore some of the craziest shopping hubs in the city to suit your shopping requirements. Whatever your shopping needs are, our shopping assistant can take you to the bets shopping destination where you can find the right thing at the right price.

Probably, Dubai may be the only country that arranges an exclusive shopping festival every year to promote its tourism. The event arranged during January-February every year offers unlimited sales, beyond the imagination promotions and very good discounts to the buyers. The added attractions such as cultural performances, fireworks, street fairs, food outlets, and gaming stalls thrill the visitors.

Travel Plan Dubai offers Shopping Assistance to the new visitor or tourists to Dubai. It assists someone who wants to know the right place to buy, to everyone who want to shop while enjoying his/her visit to the city. Our expert shopping assistants well versed in English, German, French, Russian, Hindi, Spanish and Arabic language, will assist you in shopping for gold, carpets, electronic goods, spices and the best of cloth brands.

Travel Plan Dubai’s personal shopping assistant will understand your style preferences and requirements to enable you to save your shopping time. Our experienced shopping assistant will get you the best of discount deals to make your Dubai shopping experience a memorable one.

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