Desert Safari Tour
Dubai Desert Safari Private Tours
Dubai Desert Safari Tour
dubai desert safari camp
Dubai Desert Safari Tour
Dubai Desert Safari Tour
Dubai Desert Safari Tour
dubai desert safari camp

Desert Safari Private With Dinner

from $329
Desert Safari In Dubai is the most adventurous and exciting attraction of Dubai. The best time to go for desert safari is in the evening. Dessert Safari With Dinner is a scintillating experience for the tourists. There are a number of fun-filled activities included in this desert safari. There are several photo-stops during the thrilling dune drive across the vast desert. In the evening, capture the beauty and elegance of sunset in your camera. Other opportunities in this safari are camel ride, sand boarding, dune bashing etc. At night, one can enjoy the sensuous moves of belly dancers along with shisha and BBQ dinner.
  • Pick up Time 3PM-4PM
    6 hrs
  • Activity Level quite tough
  • Group Size Max. 6 Person
  • Duration Desert Safari

Highlights of Desert Safari with Dinner

Dubai is known for its splendid and endless desert. The golden sand of the city is known for the adrenaline rush that it brings in people. Most people giving to the city book Dubai desert safari packages to enjoy the adventure and excitement of driving through the vast desert. They can simply book this desert safari and enjoy cruising through the desert in a privately-driven automobile.

At Travel Plan Dubai, you can get the most exciting Dubai desert safari private tours as well to enjoy the most of the desert. We all know that the best time to visit the desert is during the evening when the sand has a little bit cooled down and you can see the sun setting in the background. Our Dubai desert safari tour with dinner can help you enjoy it during that time. You get private stay in the tents with our Dubai desert safari evening.

We promise to custom make the entire private desert tour in Dubai and give you a private vehicle to cruise and dune bash through the sand. With our Dubai desert safari tour, you can have our guides accompany you to the desert and enjoy the occasion. Our Dubai desert safari and Dubai city tour will also let you enjoy the deserts along with giving a tour of Dubai city life.

  1. Pick you from the place of your choice at 4.00 PM
  2. Drive you through the desert to enjoy its tranquility
  3. Stop you at an ideal location for taking photos
  4. Camel ride on a healthy camel for a real desert experience
  5. Fun and thrill-filled Dune bashing and ascending the steepest dunes for 30 minutes
  6. Sand Skiing over the smooth slopes of the dunes
  7. Quad Buggy drive for extra cost
  8. Welcome tea, coffee or soft drinks at the campsite
  9. Sheesha and Henna sessions
  10. Tanura Dance*
  11. Egyptian belly Dance*
  12. Dinner Buffet with Barbeque under the moonlight
  13. Alcoholic drinks at extra cost** Entertainments and alcoholic drinks will not be available during the holy month of Ramadan.

Getting Ready for the Desert Safari

To enjoy your safari we have a few suggestions for you

  1. Dress in light colored loose clothes to manage the desert heat and perspiration
  2. Lightweight sneakers to shield your feet from desert heat
  3. Spare clothes if you have plans to ride on Dune buggies or Quad bikes
  4. Extra pair of towels to wipe off the sweat
  5. Well charged camera with extra batteries to grab your finest moments in the desert

Not advisable for

  1. People with chronic neck/back ills
  2. People with respiratory/heart problems
  3. Anyone who underwent surgery for hand/arm injury

You will carry the exciting memories of the safari drive when we drop you back to the place where we picked you.

Dune Bashing:
  • will arrange to pick you up around 4.00 PM in the evening in a four-wheel drive 4 wheel drive specially designed for the desert drive.
  • Before entering the desert, the driver will deflate the tires of the 4 wheel drive for a better grip to drive over the slippery sand.
  • Your adrenaline levels will rise when the 4 wheel drive goes on dune bashing which will last for about 30 minutes before taking you to the campsite.
See the Sun Set:
  • The evening desert safari is favored for the rare opportunity it offers to see the evening sun disappearing slowly behind the golden sand dunes.
  • Never forget to photograph the rare experience.
  • Get yourself photographed in the traditional UAE dress Abaya a long black cloak for the ladies and the Kandura or the dishdasha with a long white cloak if you are a male.
Camp Site
  • We make your stay comfortable in the conventional Bedouin type of Arabic camp tents in the serene ambiance of the desert, which will bring you a lifetime experience of a different type.
  • The open to sky camp structure while continuing to give you the comforts of the city will help you to enjoy the rustic charm of the Arabic desert.
  • Freshen up with the cold towels provided at the site and enjoy the taste of Arabic coffee or tea served with dates grown from the best palm farms.
  • Try inhaling the Shisha a tobacco mix smoke in style, through water pipe with a range of flavors such as grape, mint and apple flavors. Relax a while in the specially made Arabic tents furnished with fresh pillows and carpets.
  • Enjoy a walk close by or get a chill out at the campfire. Ride the camel for the real desert experience or for a change have the henna tattoo done.
  • Take time to watch the traditional Tanoura Dance performed by Egyptian men in colorful outfits to the tunes of rural instrumental music.
  • Give your taste buds a rare treat with a conventional Bedouin type barbeque feast served under the dim star or the moonlight.
  • The delectable buffet of non-vegetarian and vegetarian food taken under the open sky in the calm atmosphere of the desert will give you an experience of a different kind.
  • Watch the attractive and professional belly dancers dancing along the campfire lights while dining in style at the desert site.
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