10 Amazing Things No-one Will Tell You About Dubai

“Did someone say Dubai?”

So readers, welcome to this blog. Assalam Alaikum to all and fist bump. We won’t begin with that stereotypical introduction of Dubai talking about sheikhs, luxury cars, ‘Spend Like Arab’ thing, and hot belly dancers. Over the years, Dubai has intriguingly developed. It has been producing various job opportunities as well. People from Asian countries visit Dubai in search of employment.
Today, Dubai is among the top holiday destinations in the world. People worldwide visit Dubai for holidaying by purchasing various Dubai tours packages. Staying in a marvelous hotel like Burj-Al-Arab Dubai, visiting Ferrari World, and much more- we simply cannot compile everything by combining sentences.
What you can do in Dubai will be answered as you proceed. Peruse ahead and surprise yourself.

1. Respect The Culture

The city of Dubai is cultural. You can easily find the amazing Islamic heritage across the city. Different museums like Dubai Museum, Etihad Museum, Alserkal Avenue etc., are some famous places that will intimate you about the Etihadi Culture. It is assured that your ride for Dubai sightseeing tours would be amazing.

2. Relish Arabic Booze

Dubai isn’t dry. It is just the hefty fines that have schooled people. Consumption of alcohol is permitted in the city of Dubai. However, people are expected to follow some regulations. You shouldn’t consume booze at public places because it is treated as an offense. Moreover, their zero-tolerance policy will land you in a penitentiary. There are clubs and bars that serve various types of liquors. Carry your identity card to get drunk in a limit.

3. Desert Safari- Unforgettable

Most of the Dubai sightseeing tours packages include the stupefying desert safari. It is an amazing off-road experience. Crawling over sand dunes in an SUV speedily has the capability of churning everything inside your stomach. A 60-minute ride is sufficient to provide an experience of a lifetime. Besides, you can enjoy the traditional belly dance while smoking sheesha while sitting on the warm golden sands of the enormous desert.

4. Dubai Is Foodies’ Delight

Let’s be honest, apart from the lavish Arab life, ostentatious cars, and skyscrapers, Dubai is about treating your taste buds. Ditch your cuisine and go for the authentic Arab dishes that are available across the city. During your Dubai sightseeing tour, you’ll come across multiple eateries and restaurants that’ll offer world-class Arabic dishes.

5. Fridays Mean Weekend- Literally!

It isn’t pun intended at all! Weekends in Dubai start on Fridays. It is because Dubai is an Islamic city and Friday Prayers are offered by people on a huge scale. This makes several shops and some corporate companies shut down for the weekend. Shops re-open after a couple of hours and operate till midnight. Even people shop for different things till late. It isn’t restrained till here. Clubs and bars also welcome people.

6. Something Beyond Skyscrapers

If you were skeptical about the ‘existence of street markets in Dubai’, its time to shed off the dirt. Dubai has got some magical streets and that’s fascinating. Items from Morocco, Oman, Iran, Kuwait etc., are sold in the street market of Dubai. Items like handbags, spices, footwear, and more are available in multitude.

7. The Dust in Camel Toes

Different countries got different races like a dog race, horse race, and even ostrich race! Well, the city of Dubai has the Arab swag of the camel race. Though it sounds unconventional, it is true. Purchasing Dubai private sightseeing tour packages makes it easier for the holidaymaker to view the camel race. The race is controlled by robots installed on the saddles that are operated by operators nearby.

8. Bikini Is Allowed

More than 80% of Dubai’s populace comprises expats from Asian countries. So, that’s all cool if visit the beach and find ladies in bikinis. However, the domicile women of Dubai might indulge in wearing Burkini, a portmanteau for Burqa & Bikini.

9. Public Transport Is Laudable

The local connectivity via public transport like cabs and buses is laudable indeed. It might be once in a blue moon if a person would be late due to a valid reason. Throughout the calendar year, the local transport of Dubai serves its citizens with the utmost dedication.

10. Underwater Aquarium

Have you ever seen them really close and that too in water? If your answer is still no, you definitely require packing your stuff for Dubai. The city houses underwater aquariums where people can witness the sea creatures closely. Dubai sightseeing tours comprising a visit to the underwater aquarium will surely increase the fun of the vacation.


On An Ending Note

You just scrolled past some intriguing activities and must-do things in Dubai. Honestly, there are a lot of things to do in the city of Dubai. Some decades back, it was just a vast expanse of desert and today, it is the most crowded city of Saudi Arabia. Thousands of tourists from all over the world flock to the city for business meetings, spending holidays, and to make a livelihood.

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