Wonderful Ferrari World Theme Park, Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World is first of its kind theme park built exclusively on the side profile of a Ferrari GT sports car. The largest indoor theme park in the world has a 164 feet (50 M) high roof and covers an area of 200,000 m2. The Ferrari logo installed on the top of the roof alone measures 65 m x 48.5 m and covers 3,000 m2, enough area to accommodate 7 basketball grounds. The facility opened in November 2010 was constructed using 12,370 tons of steel.

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

The park has exclusive theme rides for the family, kids and for the thrill seekers. The fastest roller coaster that reaches the maximum speed of 240 Km will make your adrenaline rush when you go up 52 meters high and comedown flying from there wearing the special sports goggles. The whole family will enjoy the thrill of travelling across the planet through 4-D fantasy dreamscapes.

Highlights of Ferrari World Theme Park

You will experience the wetness of the bottom of a ocean, chillness of the ice caves, thrill over the crumbling cliffs, the danger of a dense jungle and hover over the volcano to watch the fury of lava below. Let your kids drive with pleasure the scaled-down Ferrari F1™ racer like a real Ferrari driver through the straights, tunnels and hairpin bends at the Ferrari world. Visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi to experience the most thrilling rides of your life.

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Racing Cars at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

The tour offers a chance to eat a range of Italian delicacies and an exclusive shopping experience.


  • Pleasure of witnessing the Formula 1 Grand Prix facility at Abu Dhabi
  • Experience the rare joy of travelling in 1950s Ferrari 250 through the miniature model of Italy.
  • Get the feel of driving a range of Ferraris in the installed Virtual Yas Marina Circuit at Scuderia Challenge
  • View a 1920 Italian cinema showing the raw power of a road race in Italy.
  • Let your children to drive cars at the Junior Grand Prix race track


Some of the attractions at the park are suitable for sick people with high blood pressure, heart problem, asthma, epilepsy, neck pains, back pains and spondylitis.

People with heart problem, pregnant ladies and those who underwent surgery recently are asked avoid the rides.

The park does not allow the intake of alcohol and wearing of jewels.

Car Display at the Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Car Display at the Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Park Timings

The Park opens from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM on all the days.

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