5 Pocket Friendly Desert Safari Rides In Dubai

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The United Arab Emirates city of Dubai has plenty of excitement to offer. It is known for its riches, glitzy architecture, luxury shopping destinations, world-class tourism, lively nightlife, and a wide range of fun and adventure sports. The Desert Safari is a fascinating travel experience in Dubai’s dunes. It is a lively potpourri of belly dancing, dune bashing, sand boarding, camel riding, horse riding, and Tanura dance.

Dubai’s mesmerizing sunsets set the stage for an entertaining desert experience with friends or family. There is a wide range of affordable packages for Dubai safari rides. So, if you are a morning bird, a sunset lover, or like to watch the sky at night, you may choose Dubai Desert Safari deals suitable for your pockets. The Bedouin atmosphere and events change in the desert perfectly represent your desert visit, whether for adventure, culture, romantic dinner, and so on.

Why Should You Consider Dubai Safari Tour

Before the modern megapolis that we know today, Dubai city was fundamentally a desert backwater. The desert foundation is the ethos of Dubai that gives it a sense of pride. Most Dubai safari tours take you to the Lahbab, or Margham deserts located 50 to 60 km south of Dubai city. Drive time is usually an hour, so taking a desert tour is more workable if you spend a long stopover in Dubai.

Here is a quick view of some well-known Desert Safari tours to consider for your upcoming Dubai trip. They include a hint of dune bashing and give you an adrenalin rush.

Option 1 – Heritage Desert Safari

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Unlike other Dubai Desert Safaris, Heritage Desert Safari takes you on a fascinating 60-minute nature safari in a vintage Land Rover. The strong and safe Land Rover Discovery 4 is what you need to deliver a daring sand drive. It allows up to 6 pax and adds more fun to your safari vacation. Toyota Land Cruiser, Subaru Forrester, Jeep Wrangler, and Cross-Country Volvo are other 4X4 drive vehicles good for safari travel.   

On the trip, you spot native wildlife like Arabian oryx in the Desert Conservation Reserve. Stop at a tree forest in the dunes for desert photo opportunities. Discover how the Bedouin survived in the desert in harmony with the desert wildlife. Witness a sunset falcon show led by a pro-Falconer. Learn how Bedouins used falcons for hunting. Afterward, arrive at a traditional lamp-lit Bedouin camp inside an exclusive desert retreat. Watch live demos of bread making and Arabic coffee, and explore camel rides. Feast on a four-course dinner in moonlight or try some shisha.  

Option 2–Quad Biking Safari Rides

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Quad biking in Dubai’s desert red dunes is about riding an all-terrain vehicle, also known as a quad bike. It is a slice of rugged and gripping desert safari. You explore the phenomenal desert like a pro by riding around the curves for an average of 3 hours. The four-wheeled fun lets you ride on unique terrains as you zip through the desert with abandon in a designated driving area. A professional instructor will walk you through quad biking. Proper safety measures are in place.  

Quad biking prices vary from vendor to vendor. First-timers above the minimum 16 years of age qualify for quad biking. You should have basic driving knowledge before participating in quad biking. You may extend quad bike riding time by paying additional charges.  

Option 3–Sand Boarding 


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As the name suggests, sand boarding is a recreational activity on dunes. It offers the same unforgettable thrill you get from any other adventure activity like snowboarding. Sand Boarding in Dubai is one of the most sought-after adventure sports in the Emirates city. It has gained immense popularity along with Dubai desert safaris, considering the dune’s abundance of varying heights and slopes.     

 You slide down the desert sand slopes on specially adapted boards fastened to your feet. It’s a year-round adventure activity for tourists. You slide over the sand just as you do on snow, sometimes as high as 1000 feet. Sandboarding is safe for all ages. Strap your boots along a smooth sandboard to help you slide down the dunes. It is the best sporty activity for solo travelers and economical too!  

Option 4–Camel Safari 

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Although the Dubai camel safari is a standard desert safari, it gives tourists a longer camel ride across the dunes at sunset. Package frills include a four-course dinner comprising Arabian delicacies, belly dancing, and family fun. A regular camel safari is a full desert-camp extravaganza. Camels are cool. Take your camera and click selfies of you and your family exploring the Dubai desert onboard the camels.  

Camels, a lifeline of the Dubai desert, have long been considered Emirates’ pride and prosperity. Bedouins even gift camels like a bride’s dowry. Dubai Camel Racing Festival is one of the many events to honor the UAE’s unique heritage. Rest on the humps of well-trained camels or soak in the sand experience as you ride along smoothly on the desert ship. After the camel ride tour, you are dropped at the desert camp at sunset and treated to Arabic tea and sweet dates. You can also enjoy traditionally prepared Arabic specialty sheesha or explore Arabic costumes and henna painting. Wrap up the evening with Arabian Belly and Tanura dancers and BBQ delicacies.    

Option 5–Hot-Air Balloon 

Hotair Ballon

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Sands aside, how about the sky? Explore the Arabian desert’s scenic beauty by going for a hot-air balloon ride. The hot-air balloon trip looks over at the expansive Dubai dunes and sails for a kilometer or two. It is ideal for families and small groups and promises a cherished way to know more about Dubai.  

Get a glimpse of the Arabian Desert sunrise views as you fly through the clear skies. The trained and experienced pilot helps you enjoy a safe and secure flight. 16-20 passengers are the ideal batch size. All the hot balloon rides start before sunrise. Guests are put through a quick pre-flight briefing before starting a glide of the vast Dubai desert. You also get to look at the desert-walking camels, gazelles, etc., from high above leisurely.  

Closing Thoughts

Wear breathable and comfortable clothing while on a safari, dune bashing, or any other travel exploration in Dubai. Always follow your instructor’s guidelines while performing activities or venturing into the Arabian desert. Keep your camping bag light and choose the best time for a safari tour.

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