The Most Memorable Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai, the land of mysterious deserts, is one of the most excellent tourist hubs in the modern world.

Ever since I grew up and started traveling on my own, I had this goal of flying to mighty Dubai. Luckily within a few years, after prolonged planning, finally, I was all set to visit this country of beautiful architecture and Arabian heritage.

Beyond my expectation, this mesmerizing city had a lot to offer me. Right from its beautiful sceneries to the fantastic skyscrapers, Dubai never left a moment to spellbind me.

Apart from the new-fashioned buildings and lanes, the most bewildering things that I was looking forward to experience here was the Desert Safari of Dubai!

The Most Memorable Desert Safari in Dubai 1

When in Dubai, we can miss anything but the famous Dubai safari! The roller coaster ride on the dunes is something we were looking forward to a long time.

The sand fleets are a fantastic experience for any travel lover. It is an excellent opportunity for photographers to capture beautiful desert pictures.

Since we were traveling in own group, our focus was to find a tour guide in Dubai who can arrange private trips for us. We checked websites of quite a few tour planners in Dubai.

The Most Memorable Desert Safari in Dubai 2The desert is an iconic part of Dubai, and desert safari is the most luxurious way to explore it. Many travel companies conduct fascinating safari in big SUV cars. We all were eager to join in a trip in one of those 4×4 Land Cruisers and view the real beauty of the desert.

We shortlisted a few travel organizers of private safari for families and private groups. Our top priority was to book a thoroughly professional company that is in the business for some time now.

Desert safari is something that cannot be enjoyed well unless you are with tour guide having many years of experience.

Since this was my first desert safari ever, I was keen to explore it with a professional team to be assured of the safety.

There are a lot of things included in a desert safari, which one would not be able to relish if not guided properly.

Such guidance requires years of experiences, and I was never ready to compromise a bit on it.

As a traveler, my moto has always been to grasp the natural beauty of a place and enjoy living every moment there. The dune bashing, sand-skiing and other entertainment of the Arabian Desert can only be appreciated with an out and out safari planner.

The Most Memorable Desert Safari in Dubai 3We approached to know about its morning and evening Dubai desert safari programs.

We were excited to experience dune driving, which TravelPlanDubai is well-known. We visited their website to view the best places to visit in Dubai. It was quite impressive to all of us.

Apart from that, we were looking forward to the joyous camel ride, fantastic sand skiing, quad biking, desert photography, shisha trigger, delicious barbeque dinner, and authentic Arabian drinks.

Girls in our group were all excited to try out the henna designs on their hands. We liked the details of the trip that they had with them.

They have implemented all the major and minor elements of a complete desert safari trip in their program.

Since we wanted to experience them all, we were pretty sure of our booking with this team.

With TravelPlanDubai, we could book private trips with families or friends.

We wanted to enjoy this trip as a private individual group, and hence, choose their Desert Safari tour with Dinner.

We received the trip information, guidelines, and itineraries of the Dubai desert safari once we finalized our package with them.

Apart from the reasonable pricing, we greatly liked the behavior of the team in our very first meeting. We were a little anxious about safety as we have had never done such adventure before.

Team TravelPlanDubai assured us with their credentials and testimonials. They have experienced drivers and guides with them working for over the years and have accomplished such trips before.

Guidelines Of Dubai Desert Safari With Dinner Tours

Dubai Desert safari involves many instructions to follow. You have to follow the planner’s set of instructions to enjoy every bit of the trip safely.

It is essential to know the rule of the desert before proceeding for the safari.

Desert has its own rules. Once you become accustomed to the norms of the trip, it becomes easy for you to prepare yourself for it.

We received a set of guidelines by our tour manager as below.

1. To Wear Light and Loose Fitted Clothes during the Desert Safari

We were told to wear loosely fitted and light-colored clothes to combat the heat of the desert safari. Wearing loose clothes in desert rides is imperative.

You should be comfortable in your dress to participate in all the activities.

Also, it is not easy to stay calm during the drive in tight clothes. So we chose clothes as per the instruction.

2. Well Ventilated Shoes for the Trip

Our travel guide instructed us to wear adequately ventilated sneakers to protect the feet from the hot desert, which help us in getting a good grip on the desert sand.

Sneakers always help you to achieve greater control on slippery surfaces. It also keeps the feet sweat free and relaxed.

3. Carrying Spare Clothes

We were told to bring spare clothes with us for the Quad Bike Ride, Sand Skiing, and Buggy Ride.

It is essential to have an extra piece of cloth with you in case you mess your clothes during skiing or any other activity.

It also becomes helpful for people who sweat more than others.

4. Towel and Face Wiper

It is essential to carry hand towel and sweat wipes to survive the desert heat. The face becomes clumsy due to sweating after a few minutes of the desert ride.

It is also necessary to keep these stuff handy in case you get a splash of sand during skiing or Quad ride.

5. Camera

The tour guide directed us on to carry our cameras for photography. Since the tour team does not have any camera person with them, the tourists have to bring their cameras to click pictures.


The beginning of the Trip

We were all passionate about this trip ever since we landed Dubai. The serenity of this desert and the exhilarating ride filled our hearts with complete satisfaction.

The pickup time of Dubai Desert Safari with dinner was 4 p.m. This is, in fact, the most famous desert safari amongst the tourists.

The trip covers the beautiful desert daylight as well as the gorgeous sunset and chilly desert evening.

We were traveling as a private group; our tour guide offered us to choose our pickup time. We were all okay with the scheduled time, and we finalize the same at the time of the booking.

We were informed about the 4X4 vehicle we would be traveling in for the desert safari. These are specific vehicles used for desert safaris.

We were promised to stop at ideal locations to click pictures and capture the beauty of the famous Arabian Desert.

He told us about the grip that these four wheelers provide to drive safe in the mighty desert. Interestingly, our driver deflated the tires of our car before entering the desert.

By is done to get a better grip on the in the sand of the desert.

Dune Bashing

desert safari dubai

desert safari dubai

We were all thrilled to experience the most popular activity of Desert Safari, the dune bashing.

It was a 30-minute session before entering the Desert Camp. Our 4X4 vehicle drove through the Arabian Desert and accelerated the tallest of the dunes.

Thankfully we had an experienced driver with us. He specializes in dune bashing. He kept on consulting with us on how adventurous we would like this journey to be.

Though initially a little edgy about it, we gradually went comfortable and enjoyed every moment of the adventure.

It was just an extraordinary experience for all of us. Superlative!

I can still feel the adrenalin rush through my spinal cord as I write about the journey.

As the wheels slip on the sand and slide on the slopes of the desert, we experienced high levels of an adrenaline rush.

The length of our journey was decided before we started off with it. We were given a choice to customize the journey timeline as per our choice.

We had a few stoppages at a various stop off locations of the desert. We enjoyed Arabian meals at one of the stops offs.

Local vendors were there to serve the tourists. They had in store several Arabian delicacies that won our hearts!

The Most Memorable Desert Safari in Dubai 4

Honestly, I had searched multiple videos on YouTube to research on dune bashing before we started our journey.

I already knew that I was going to experience something exhilarating in my lifetime. However, I could have never imagined the level of excitement and feeling that yet to experience.

My friends and I were booming with smiles during the entire expedition.

There were giant leaps of monster trucks around us on the same journey. There were Land Cruisers, SUVs, and mini-jeeps of other tour operators on the same path.

We enter into the sand mountains for the most thrilling experience in this journey. Our tour planner had allotted 30 minutes for the dune bashing thrill.

We were explained about the safety instructions during the dune thrill to enjoy it safely. Dune bashing is the best past time in the Arabian Desert.

As told by our tour guide we experienced an unforgettable tale of memories. Our adrenaline pumping rose to infinity as we drove through the beautiful desert of Dubai.

While driving, we could see only sand in front of us till the distance we could see and how accurately we have perceived the Arabian Desert to be.

We could see white sands miles after miles. There was no trace of vegetation to the point we could.

Interestingly, none of us was feeling scared during the sand bashing. We were confident of our driver who has been conducting such tours for decades now.

He guided us on how to be safe during the trip and motivated us during the entire journey.

The Beautiful Desert Sunset

The Most Memorable Desert Safari in Dubai 5After the electrifying and rousing experience of dune bashing, our tour guide allowed us some time to enjoy the desert sunset.

He brought us cold soda to go along as we witness the sun setting behind the golden dunes.

We shot photographs of the setting sun. To our wonder, our tour guide came out to be an excellent photographer.

He shot some of our most beautiful pictures in the desert. We click photos in the traditional are tired of the UAE provided by stall owners at various points of the desert safari.

There were separate accessories for men and women. We had to choose it as per our choice, and the vendor boy helped us wearing them correctly.

It felt great to wear authentic traditional Arabic dresses and pose like a pro in front of the camera. These memories are going to be with us for the rest of our lives.

Memorable Camel Ride

The Most Memorable Desert Safari in Dubai 6The Dubai Desert Safari included a camel ride to have an authentic experience of the safari.

We were immensely amused to see a well-dressed camel bought to us for the drive. They were all dressed in traditional accessories.

We rode on the camels as the camel’s master instructed us. He made sure that the camel is not manhandled in anyways.

Though one of my female friends was a little scared to ride the camel as the adorable animal turned its face towards her as she rode its back, the camel made her relieved within minutes.

We were given special Arabian scarves to cover our heads for the authentic Arabian feeling. It was the perfect time for enjoying the camel ride.

As the sun was about to down, and the weather was mild, the sand appeared to be more colorful this time.

It was a brilliant experience to watch the setting sun as we rode the camels. In fact, the most authentic desert experience one could ever ask is the Camel Ride.

There were proper seats for two persons on each of the camels. Two of us shared the same camel. The camel master was in control of the camel and took us through the most exciting sand lines.

Stirring Sand Skiing

Sand Skiing is another great experience that I will never forget ever in my life. It was super fun to ski on the golden sand mountains. TravelPlanDubai team provided us the sand boards for Skiing. Our tour guide was an excellent professional Skiing instructor.

The Most Memorable Desert Safari in Dubai 7

He briefed us before the Skiing session. He performed a few demonstrations for us. It did not take much of a time for us to pick up the technique and we started Skiing on our own within minutes.

Well, it all depends on how you follow the instructions. It was incredibly crazy to glide through the golden sand. We tried both the Downhill and cross-country Sand Skiing. I have experienced Snow Skiing before.

So, it was quite easy for me. Few of my friends who were not familiar with this sport did it under the guide’s instructions.

Thank god we were carrying UV resistant sunglasses for ourselves to protect our eyes from sand blindness.

We were told about this in our previous meeting and, hence, we were prepared for that. Our light clothes relieved us during the activity.

There were Sand Skiing experts who showed their stunts. It was a fantastic show to watch. We were lucky to witness the scene, as it is not regular all the time. Yeah, we got some sudden greetings from the desert! It seemed like the desert also welcomed us with open hands.

Dubai Desert Dune Buggy Experience

The Most Memorable Desert Safari in Dubai 8The desert safari included a Buggy Ride, which was optional. It depends on the tourists to choose.

We were so excited after the excellent sand skiing that we did not want to miss any of the deserts funs.

So, we went for the buggy ride for an extra cost other than the trip booking charges.

We stopped at the buggy ride center, wherefrom we had to take the buggy. We chose one vehicle and were given all the safety gears to wear it.

It was both affordable and sturdy. We rode the Buggy across the golden sand. Our tour guide captured the moments for us. Sometimes you need to go beyond the plan and explore nature as it offers itself to you.

I feel thankful to the trip organizers to provide us with every element of the desert safari. These are once in a lifetime experiences for most of the people. So, it’s essential to taste every bit of it and not leave any of these for later. You never know if you will again get such a chance in your life back! Isn’t it?

The Most Memorable Desert Safari in Dubai 9

It was an exciting way to beat the stress. I could feel how right I was to choose this trip.

The two seated vehicle had a modified engine that took us to the storms. The seat belts kept us safe in our positions.

The Buggy roughly looks like a rugged golf cart. It had an Arabian essence in it. These are authentic Arabian activities.

We drove at a fixed speed as instructed by our trip conductor. He is well aware of the conditions here.

It’s essential to have a watch on the pace as the wheels slide on the dry sands.

The wind was cold by this time of the day. We can feel the weather coordinating with us genuinely.

The cool breeze beautifully gushed our faces. We wore scarves and goggles to save ourselves from the sand winds. The buggy ride had a therapeutic effect on us.

My fellow enthusiasts and I wholly enjoyed the thrills of this sport.

The Memorable Camping Experience

After all the sand fun, we finally reached the desert camp. We were on the top of excitement as we entered the tent.The Most Memorable Desert Safari in Dubai 10

On arriving at the Desert Camp, we had a welcome drink with Arabian tea, coffee, and soft drinks.

The beautiful Camp was in the middle of the desert, surrounded by palm trees. There were so many stalls and stations at each of the corners of the Camp where we could go around.

Each booth showcased different traditions of Dubai. The camp offered Shisha to relish the Arabic ambiance even more.

We could not have asked for a better day in the desert than this.

The flavored Shisha was too good to try. We enjoyed drinks with it. There was mild shisha for the beginners. It was a luxury at its finest.

It had henna sessions for ladies and men both. Henna experts were present to apply special Arabic designed henna on the ladies. I tried a small henna design on my ankle, and yes, it was cool.

The Most Memorable Desert Safari in Dubai 11We headed for the traditional meal after our henna session. The buffet dinner serves under the moonlight.

We were delighted with the various types of meat served for dinner. There were loads of rice, vegetables, yogurt, and other Arabian delicacies.

The food was way more delicious than it looks. The camping included the grand Tanura Dance.

Dancers were dressed in multicolor skirts and performed the best of their shows for the live audience.

They used various props to make the show even more interesting.

The next attraction was the Egyptian Belly Dance, which we were all looking forward to seeing.

A beautiful girl came on the stage to show her dancing skills. She entertained the entire crowd with her spell bounding moves.

The group joined her in dancing from their seats. There was no scope of any indiscipline in the whole camp. Everything was well organized and was under strict supervision.

The campsite was extremely functional. There were advanced facilities of modern toilets, washroom, and restrooms.

There was a separate station for medical attention for an immediate medical emergency.


The Most Memorable Desert Safari in Dubai 12Desert safari in Dubai is a lifetime experience for all of us. Thanks to team TravelPlanDubai who planned it so nicely for us.

It was a roller coaster in the golden Arabian Desert. The beautiful surroundings kept us engaged by clicking stills and recording them.

We were amazed to experience desert life at the camp. We could see traces of the Arabian life at the Camp.

People dress in traditional Arabian attire. We could smell the fragrances of the delicious Arabic food from a distance. We tasted a camel meal for the first time in our lives here. The lamb and chicken were equally delicious.

We savored all the Arabic cuisines as we could not stop doing so by ourselves. I liked the beverages the most.

It is important to eat your meal with these drinks as it helps in digesting the food.

We had to pay extra for the drinks. It is optional for the tourists. They can order hard-drinks for themselves only if they want to.

However, I would personally recommend everyone to try the Arabian wines. They are superlative in taste and flavor.

Even beginners can try them. They are beautiful and smooth to go with meat.

Ladies can go for the non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy the mood of the evening.

The Desert Safari is strictly not advised to people suffering from:

  1. Arthritis
  2. Heart issues
  3. Respiratory problems

It is difficult for people suffering from the above syndromes to enjoy the desert safari. It takes much energy to attempt the activities involved in the grand safari.

Hence, it is not at all recommended to people suffering from any chronic illness.

The Most Memorable Desert Safari in Dubai 13One of the most important things to mention over here is that the drinks and dance entertainments are not available during the Ramadan month.

The Arabians refrain themselves from any addiction during this holy month.

Hence, fewer tourists visit this place during Ramadan. I would advise everyone aspiring for this trip to schedule your tour accordingly.

Our tour guide dropped us back to the hotel safely after all the exciting moments that we enjoyed at the desert safari. The car ride is something to remember all my life.

They are utterly gorgeous. The city view during the car ride was an additional gain on the trip.

Our tour guide drove us through the most beautiful streets of Dubai. We were mesmerized to see the phenomenal city skyscrapers and magnificent splendor of the city.

We are going to remember this fabulous desert trip forever.

Anyone planning for a desert safari in Dubai can get in touch with TravelPlanDubai for its fantastic trip and incredible rates.

We were heartened by the hospitality that the team offered us.

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