Dubai Holiday – Safaris & Activities For You

Do you know what are prominent reasons are for people visiting Dubai? Admiring the belly dance, witnessing skylines, living an ostentatious lifestyle? If you have another option, it can be added as well. Dubai is a happening city in the UAE that promises the best experience of lifetime. You get here almost everything, right from lip-smacking cuisines to real meaning of luxury. Visitors from across the world visit Dubai on a huge scale. But do you know when does your Dubai holiday get completed? That’s pretty simple, your Dubai vacation gets completed with a Dubai desert safari tour.

The golden dunes of Dubai lure everyone across the globe. The vast sandy expanse is the best place for relishing various ventures at the same time! Basking under the warmth of the sun and enjoying the dune-bashing car safari is something unforgettable. Hey, hang on. A desert safari in Dubai doesn’t mean the same old thrill of SUV car. There’s more about Dubai desert safari tour. Peruse further and find out what lies in the box for you.

Dubai Desert Safari Activities

Dubai desert safari tour promises different types of activities and fun. Let’s roll out and grab some knowledge about them.

  • Camel Safari

Where there are sands, there are camels. The camel safari of Dubai is an experience in itself. Riding on the humpy mammal is simply intriguing. Experiencing the nomadic lifestyle of Dubai can be done best by enjoying this safari. A splendid ride in the sandy expanse helps in understanding the nomadic life of deserts. When you purchase a package for desert safari and Dubai city tour, check all details with your travel operator regarding the camel safari.

  • Sand Skiing

Skiing isn’t a winter sport. You can enjoy the same in the golden sands of Dubai’s desert. There are several dunes in Dubai that are as high as 200-300 meters. Visitors can enjoy the fun of skiing on such dunes. Sand skiing safari is widely enjoyed by daredevils on a huge scale. Even competitions are organized where skiing experts participate and exhibit their talent. This activity is usually performed under professional guidance only. Children, heart patients, and pregnant women are not allowed to do sand skiing.

  • Quad Biking

People are familiar with quad biking. It is precisely done for off-road ventures, but individuals also enjoy it while bashing dunes. Yes, sand quad biking is a prominent part of Dubai desert safari tour. Relishing uphill and downhill rides on dunes is simply amazing. This activity can be enjoyed easily by purchasing a Dubai city tour package.

  • Hot Air Ballooning

Guess what’s the best way to witness the massive Arabian Desert? None other than a hot air balloon ride. Offering a bird’s eye 360° view, this activity will surely leave you tantalized. From a great height, people can easily ensnare the desert life forever in their cameras. For many tourists, hot air balloon ride is one of the best ways for enjoying desert safari and Dubai city tour.

  • Shisha & Arabian Nights

Honestly, it is an amazing combination to relax your senses before you retire for the day. Watch the sensational belly dance while enjoying flavored/non-flavored hookah. Dubai desert safari tour with dinner will surely satiate your hunger pangs in the authentic Arabian style. Tourists are served delicious meals cooked in the Arabian style. Foods like hummus, fattoush, manakeesh, halloumi, medammas, ghanoush, and more are provided to visitors.

Types of Desert Safaris

There are various kinds of Dubai desert safari tours. People are fascinated by these spectacular tours. Let’s understand more about them.

  • Overnight Desert Safari

Several people are nocturnal creatures and witnessing the beauty of Dubai’s deserts under the shimmering moon is something whimsical. Since nights in desert are cooler, relishing this venture becomes amazing for many and that’s a major reason tourists buy overnight Dubai desert safari with dinner tour packages. People also relish the tranquility by gazing at the stars and bonfire. Moreover, sleeping in a tent put up in deserts is intriguing indeed.

  • Evening Desert Safari

Honestly, no one would miss the soul-soothing backdrop of the sun melting in the horizon. Now imagine the same in the vast expanse of deserts. Isn’t it ecstatic? An evening desert safari, whether a camel ride or SUV ride, promises fun to all tourists. Moreover, the orange-pink backdrop of the sun melting in the horizon adds additional charm and makes it even engaging.

  • Morning Desert Safari

That’s the best way to commence a desert safari and Dubai city tour! Feeling the adrenaline rushing in the bloodstream can make your entire day. Whatever activity you prefer, from sand boarding to camel ride and quad biking to falconry; morning desert safari packages are widely chosen by several tourists visiting Dubai for a vacation.

Safety Is Mandatory

No one prefers the reverse of fortune during a Dubai desert safari tour. Thus, it is essential to assure the safety. We’re talking about the things listed below.

  • A Big No If You Got Serious Health Issues

Vacationers on a Dubai desert safari tour with dinner shouldn’t get into the car if they suffer from arthritis or get car sick easily. Moreover, patients suffering from slip disc should avoid sand dune bashing safari and sand boarding. Pregnant ladies should also avoid this venture as excessive fun can prove to be harmful for the baby inside the womb. However, they can enjoy the dance and savor the Arab cuisines.

  • Eat Light For A Happy Gut

Honestly, no one wants to see a person throw up in a hummer battling golden sand dunes. Dirtying the car interiors with your previous meal would be tacky, thus, it is advisable to have a light meal before a hummer desert safari. Moreover, do not drink any liquid in excess because it might make you uncomfortable.

  • Carry Essential Medicines & Other Requirements

In case you’re on regular medication, one should carry it along. Since the temperature remains hot during the day and is on cloud 9 in the noon, carrying sunscreen, protective eyewear, and light clothing becomes a must. Moreover, wearing shoes can let some sand inside so carry comfortable footwear like slippers or floaters for comfort.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, Dubai is one of the most elite holiday destinations. Today, major human populace throngs there for a Dubai city tour. People can enjoy several types of activities throughout the safari and also write your travel journey with us. Thus, purchase the right Dubai desert safari tour package and enjoy a blissful holiday.

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