Manarat Alsaadiyat – The First Puzzle Piece of the Saadiyat Island

Manarat Al Saadiyat

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Manarat AlSaadiyat is the first cultural centre inaugurated on the Saadiyat Island. Countless people visit this famous gallery to learn more about the art and culture of Abu Dhabi. From international artists to culturally rich exhibits of local artists, it showcases the popular and renowned collections of them.

 Abu Dhabi is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Over the years, Abu Dhabi established itself as a striving metropolis city. A large number of people visit this beautiful city to have unforgettable and marvellous holidays here. Abu Dhabi is renowned for its tourism as well as art and culture.  People from all over the world visit this alluring city to know about the rich cultural heritage and history of this place. Abu Dhabi has secured a global position in the tourism industry. The leaders and the top authorities of Abu Dhabi have left no stone unturned to make the country a top cultural destination.

The capital city of the United Arab Emirates has a diverse cultural history. Abu Dhabi, being a sophisticated and modern city, is renowned for its art and cultural centres. Among them, Manarat AlSaadiyat is most popular among the tourists.

Let Us Know About the Location and some Other Details

Manarat AlSaadiyat is translated from Arabic which means ‘a place that lights up’. Manarat AlSaadiyat is located on the Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Highway in Saadiyat Cultural District on Saadiyat Island. The island is dedicated to art and culture. This high technologically equipped cultural centre displays the local culture through international exhibitions. 

Knowing Manarat Alsaadiyat Better

Manarat AlSaadiyat is operated by the Department of Culture and Tourism of Abu Dhabi. It showcases the opulent collections of artists from all over the world. 

The cultural community centre occupies a space of 15400 sq. metres. Manarat AlSaadiyat offers an all-new Art Studio. In addition to this, the splendid gallery comprises a Photography Studio, an atrium, a space dedicated to cultural events, a garden area, a 250 -seated auditorium, an outdoor terrace area. It has a wonderful Larte restaurant for satisfying the hunger of the visitors. 

The grand art and cultural centre also have a boutique retail store named Artyfact. It offers a rich collection of products and books which exhibit Abu Dhabi Art along with Saadiyat Cultural District exhibitions. 

Art Studio

The Art Studio organises a variety of workshops and classes for all age groups. The classes and workshops are arranged according to all levels of ability. Professional teaching artists are appointed for timed workshops. They are very well trained and will teach the learners a variety of techniques, themes, and styles. The learning, here, is not monotonous as every time it gives its visitors a whole new experience of learning. The workshops are mainly planned and organised as stand-alone sessions.

The charges for each session vary for adults and children in these workshops.

  •   For children- 50-75 AED
  •   For Adults and teens- 100-150 AED

Moreover, the materials required for workshops are already being arranged by the classes. You just need a 24-hour advance booking for visiting the workshop.

If, in any case, you need extra materials, you can purchase it from the Art Central. This supply store is located at the entrance of the Art Studio. Of course, the purchased materials can be taken back to home.

The Art studio in this art and cultural centre attracts many schools, colleges, and universities. The Studio arranges many guided tours for exhibitions and art activities for these educational institutions.

Drop-In Studio

Drop-In Studio is intended for people of all age groups. Here, people randomly investigate and evaluate art activities. They follow easy methods which help to adapt themselves to designing and developing artworks at their own speed. However, the time is limited to 2 hours only.  To provide any sort of help, Art instructors are available as per your need. They not only will help you but will also encourage and recommend you with many ideas and subject matters to research.

Prior booking is not required. Just register your name at the reception desk situated at the entrance of the Art Studio.

The Drop-In Studio is open on all days except Sunday. The timings are:

  •   Monday to Thursday 9 AM to 8 PM
  •   Friday and Saturday 10 AM to 8 PM

The fee for entering this studio for 2 hours is 50 AED for every adult and teen visiting here. The fees for children for 2 hours are 30 AED.

Manarat AlSaadiyat offers its visitors a preferred space located on the upper floor of the building. Here, the visitors can engage themselves in designing or experimenting their own artworks or can read a book over a cup of coffee. While their children do their work downstairs they can entertain themselves with these activities.

The Terrace

Manarat AlSaadiyat promotes an outdoor area and the new terrace. These new spaces are utilised for organising a variety of events and activities. From open-air dining experiences to corporate functions and business meetings, from a unique wedding to yoga classes, the Terrace provides an attractive and impressive area for any function or celebration.

Photography Studio

The new photography space at Manarat AlSaadiyat is devoted to helping the talented artists in Abu Dhabi to prosper and magnify their skills. This helps them to expertise in their professional levels. Besides, developing their professional talents, the new photography studio organises some specialised workshops, tuitions, and training sessions. These classes and training periods will be hosted by the professional photographers. In fact, the photography studio inspires and motivates the participation of the aspiring UAE artists. In fact, this encouragement is mainly done by organising community-driven photography exhibitions as well as assisting, undertaking and initiating activities for the whole year.

Rules and Opening Hours of the Gallery

Manarat AlSaadiyat is open seven days a week. The timings are from 9 AM to 8 PM. However, the timings are likely to change during the Ramadan months.

Children below 5 years of age must be always escorted and guided by an adult. However, children above 5 years can work on their own, only under the guidance of our staff. Though, the adults are advised to remain near the premises of Manarat AlSaadiyat.

Abu Dhabi is a bit conservative city. It is mandatory to dress decently and modestly in this beautiful capital. It is advised to cover your knees and shoulders to show respect to the traditions and culture of the city. The internal temperature of Manarat AlSaadiyat is artificially controlled. So, it’s better to carry a jacket and shawl.

Smoking and drinking are not permitted inside the premises of this beautiful gallery. Speaking of offensive languages is prohibited inside Manarat AlSaadiyat. Moreover, pets are not allowed to enter the premises. Outside foods and drinks are not allowed inside.

The Famous Larte Restaurant- From the Core of Milan

After a tiring day in this wonderful gallery, the only thing you crave for is some foods and drinks. The Larte Restaurant, here, will satisfy your hunger by serving you delicious foods and drinks. They serve the best cuisines from all over the world. Be sure, to taste their mouth-watering European and Italian breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The tempting world-class coffee is based on the concept from the Illy Café. 

The Larte restaurant not only provides you with top class foods but will give its visitors a whole new Italian hospitability experience.

Recent Exhibitions

Since its opening in 2009, Manarat AlSaadiyat had been organising a varied collection of exhibitions. Manarat AlSaadiyat made its first debut with Disorientation II: The Rise and Fall of Arab Cities. It was hosted in the period November 2009 to March 2010. Various other famous exhibitions followed after that. Each one was a success in its own way. Among other significant exhibitions, the most recent ones are-

  •   The creative Act: Performance, Process, Presence.

There are almost 25 varieties of media such as photography, installation, sculpture, painting, video, and works on paper are on display in this exhibition. It depicts the works of more than 24 artists. This famous exhibition was organised between Marchs to July 2017.

  •   MASMash– MASMash was a meeting of all things that amuse the visitors. It varied from art, music and to any other show businesses in Abu Dhabi. Parkour practitioners and musicians enacted and played under the same roof. Their main motive is to entertain their audiences. This was held on 8th December 2017.
  •   A Touch of Heritage– This exhibition gave emphasis to the different features of the lives of people in the UAE. These are essential and basic components of their lives. These aspects were showcased through diverse art forms on display. It was held during the period of 29th November to 7th January 2018.
  •   Visions of Sustainability– It were celebrated 15th to 20th January 2018. It lasted for the week. It highlighted the prospects of renewable energy, sustainability, and environmentally conscious design.


Manarat AlSaadiyat is built with the main motive to provide services and information to its visitors. This art and cultural centre offers a wide range of interactive programmes from art, music to lifestyle and film. Abu Dhabi Art festival is celebrated in this beautiful gallery every year. It is a famous art fair in this capital city and hosts both contemporary and modern art, as well as public programmes. 

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