The Awe-Inspiring Iconic Structure of Dubai Opera

Dubai Opera is one of the most iconic structures in Dubai. It is a 1900+ seater hall and is situated within The Opera area in Downtown Dubai. This multi-format arts center was constructed by Emaar Properties. A plethora of performances including that of ballet, concerts, opera, exhibitions, and conferences are held here. Its construction was announced by Sheikh Mohammad Rashid Al Maktoum. Its construction began in the year 2012 and was completed in 2016. On the day of its grand inauguration (31 August 2016), Placido Domingo gave his popular performance.

The Grand Dubai Opera

The Grand Dubai Opera

Designed by the awe-inspiring Janus Rostock, this wonder has been used for a variety of purposes. Seating wagons and hydraulic lifts can be used to relocate a number of seats. Thus, the seating arrangement can be changed and varied as per the occasion. If there are any extra seats, they are stored in garages constructed beneath the theater.

Highlights of Dubai Opera

The design of this Opera is very unique. It closely resembles a dhow. A dhow is a traditional Arabic sailing vessel. The bow of this vessel has been recreated in the construction of this Opera and it houses the seating, the main stage, and the orchestra. It prominently features a central chandelier composed of 2900 LED lights. The extended ‘hull’ has to park, waiting for areas and taxi drop-off areas.

Performances at the Grand Dubai Opera

Performances at the Grand Dubai Opera

Emaar Properties declared Jasper Hope as the Chief Executive Officer of the Dubai Opera. He was initially the COO of Royal Albert Hall, London.

Since its inauguration in August 2016, the Dubai Opera has housed a lot of interesting events and concerts. Some of the best ones are:

  • Placido Domingo began a grand affair on the very day of inauguration. The opening night showcased one of the greatest and most fascinating voices of all the times.
  • On September 1 and 3, the Pearl Fishers paid a big tribute to the Pearl heritage of Dubai. A three-fold act was composed by Georges Bizet.
  • On September 5, Opera without Words was performed by the very best Fondazione Lirico and Trieste. It was one of the best interludes ever performed at this iconic destination.
  • On September 16, one of the greatest romantic balls was performed by Giselle. The entire ball was based on a story. It is about the timeless love of a peasant who dies of a grieving heart after discovering that her lover wed another lady.
  • September 15 and 17 saw the historic Coppella. It was a friend and family-based story by ETA Hoffmann. The entire story focuses on a toymaker who built a huge doll called Coppelia. The act also saw her daydreams materializing in the real world.
  • September 22 witnessed the Vienna Concert. The Verein Orchestra included some Austrian and Viennese music. The orchestra also included Sebastian Knauer, a world-class pianist who was also nominated for Grammy Awards.
  • Between September 26th to 30th, one of the most dangerous shows in the city was performed in the Dubai Opera. Impossible was a sure shot crowd pleaser and one of the best illusionist show ever made in the history of mankind.
  • October 4 and 8 witnessed the world-renowned a lIfe in the Music by Catalon Tenor and Jose Carreras. It is one of the most highly acclaimed performances of Dubai Opera and is still remembered by the audience.
  • October 10 was completely jam-packed because of a mind-blowing performance by Hussain Al Jassmi. He took the center stage like a boss and performed some of the most memorable songs. This Emirati singer got more than 240 million views on YouTube.
  • On October 11, one of the most interesting violin works was performed by Fabio Biondi. His ensemble (Europa Galante) is immensely popular for delivering Italian baroque music in many of the prestigious theaters throughout the world.
  • October 13 and 14 witnessed Sara Baras paying tribute to the classic six flamenco luminaries. Her intense performance was appreciated by one and all.
  • October 15 was occupied by Anoushka Shankar, a mind-blowing sitar player.
  • November 10 to 24 saw the Les Miserables who performed the longest-running musical of all the times.
  • From December 6 to 10, Dubai Opera experienced ‘The Nutcracker on the Ice’. With its sheer opulence and colorful projections, it became a big hit with the masses.
  • From December 21 to 29, an award-winning snow show of Slava was performed.
The Gorgeous Grand Dubai Opera

The Gorgeous Grand Dubai Opera

This is just the beginning. The Dubai Opera has been giving some of the best performances since its very inception. Les Miserables was sensational among the masses. In the times to come, we are sure that the Dubai Opera will cross many milestones and will create many historic moments with its outstanding performances. The definitive destination for performing arts in Dubai, bringing arts and music to life like never before. It should be on a high priority list of the visitors. When in Dubai, you must surely visit this Opera for a memorable time.


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