Sharjah – The Shining Gem of The UAE

Sitting just a coast away from Dubai, Sharjah is another vibrant city in the UAE. Most of the holidaymakers prefer Dubai over Sharjah because they’ve heard a lot about Dubai. Sharjah is a silent gem that enhances the charm of holidays. As compared to its neighbors, Sharjah exhibits more culture and traditional values. Moreover, you can witness the true meaning of Islam in the city of Sharjah. Visiting its iconic tourist sites can be done by purchasing budget Sharjah city tour packages.

If you have been to Sharjah previously, we’re sure you would have had an amazing experience. If you’ve not been to Sharjah yet, do not worry. Here’s a closer look at some fantastic reasons to visit Sharjah.

  1. Less Crowded City

Sharjah, as compared to Dubai, Kuwait or Abu Dhabi, remains less crowded. Tourists groups do not overrun in Sharjah and it allows visitors to witness the authentic charm of UAE’s city. Lesser crowd doesn’t signify that Sharjah lacks the grandiose and zeal like Dubai. There are several souqs, restaurants, libraries, museums, and more places that attract visitors on a huge scale.

  1. Serves Best Arabic Desserts

You won’t believe but Sharjah does serve the lip-smacking desserts. At every nook & corner, Arabic sweet shops are located that remain crowded with domiciles. Even tourists can be spotted devouring the delicious desserts at these shops.

  1. Intriguing Islamic Architecture

Sharjah is an abode of forts, museums, and mosques. Some enticing edifices standing in the Islamic style of architecture can be witnessed by purchasing affordable Sharjah city tour packages. Such packages comprise all arrangements for visiting such destinations.

  1. Home to Food Fests

This one is for the foodies out there. Sharjah is widely popular for hosting food fests. Throughout the fest, you can treat your taste buds originating from various cuisines of different nations. What’s more, the blend of different foods also lures visitors for having a bite.

Activities To Do in Sharjah

Sightseeing and visiting noted tourist attractions becomes mainstream for all. It is a common practice followed like a religion by all. But, there’s a bunch of some activities that can be enjoyed. We’ve compiled some activities that you can enjoy on your budget Sharjah city tour.

  • Spending a Day at Al Majaz Waterfront

Water parks welcome all age groups and so does Al Majaz Waterfront. It is one of the most preferred theme parks by people in Sharjah. A home to various rides, mini golf-course, and kids’ play area, it is undoubtedly a recreation hub at pocket-friendly prices. Besides, it has a multi-cuisine restaurant and eateries where you can satiate the hunger pangs.

  • A Trip to Arabian Wildlife Center

Sharjah is a part of desert nation and owns a different kind of wildlife. To witness the intriguing wildlife of the Arab city Sharjah, an Arabian Wildlife Center has been set up by the government. It includes various types of desert animals. This wildlife center, apart from repopulating animals, also educates visitors about the endangered species.

  • Visit The Museum of Classic Cars

All those who adore the classic and vintage cars shouldn’t miss out visiting this museum. Under the same roof, more than 100 vintage car models are stored. All of them are well-maintained and description of every car is provided along with it. Hundreds of tourists visit the museum every day.

  • Admiring the Charm of Nature

Al Qurm Nature Reserve is a tranquilizing destination in Sharjah. It is surrounded with lush green bushes and trees that enhance the tranquility in the atmosphere. Besides, the colorful flora also magnetizes tourists on a huge scale. There are different flowers that blossom only in the UAE. Hence, Al Qurm should be visited by nature enthusiasts.

There are more activities that can be enjoyed in Sharjah. Individuals can purchase affordable Sharjah city tour packages for visiting the city and relishing the venture.

How to Reach Sharjah

The city of Sharjah is a developed place and has well-established connectivity with roadways and airways. Such smooth connectivity makes it easier for all tourists from all across the globe to reach Sharjah conveniently. Let’s understand further.

  • Airways

Sharjah International Airport is the main airport in the city. It stands 15 km from the city center and operates all major flights from all over the world. Throughout the day, this airport operates several domestic and international flights.

  • Roadways

People can easily reach Sharjah via roads. Several state run buses and private cabs are available for commuting to and from Sharjah. Hiring private cars on a rental basis is the best option for enjoying a Sharjah and Ajmani city tour. When you buy a budget Sharjah city tour package, do not forget to share details about hiring a car/coach on a rental basis for traveling around Sharjah.

On an Ending Note

Though Sharjah is not as lively as Dubai, it manages to catch the attention of visitors. ‘The Cultural Capital of the UAE’, since 1998, Sharjah has been fascinating people with its immaculate Islamic style of architecture. Its museums, public markets, shopping malls, mosques, and historical sites never cease a chance to impress visitors. Keeping this in mind, Sharjah city tour packages are highly demanded by tourists nowadays.

Budget Sharjah city tour packages make it easier for all to provide the best holiday experience without making individuals readjust their budget. Despite being paucity in different things, Sharjah still sustains its prominence among top tourist destinations in UAE.

Packages for honeymoon tours, romantic tours, family tours, group tours etc., are widely becoming popular in Sharjah. Besides, Sharjah and Ajmani city tour is also becoming popular among people. As mentioned previously, despite having paucity Sharjah still manages to attract tourists from different parts of the world. All in all, the quintessential charm of Sharjah delights tourists. Hence, spending a vacation in Sharjah is not a hassle. Just approach a trusted tour operator and share your requirements. You can easily purchase the budget Sharjah city tour package or an affordable Sharjah city tour package easily.

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