Latest List of Tourist Attractions in Dubai

Dubai, the land of awe and amazement welcomes you with open arms. As a matter of fact, none of the fun element is unattainable in Dubai. This golden desert city has some of the world’s best ski slopes, huge skyscrapers, and beautiful human-fabricated islands. This Middle-East Emirate has all the components that make it one of finest, and most attractive global holiday destinations.

The city is known for its golden sunshine, skyscrapers, and sand dunes. Situated right at the crossroads of Asia, Europe, and Africa, Dubai attracts business travellers all year long. The city offers highest living standards in the most lavish hotels. It presents all the new-age blended in authentic Arab Islamic culture.

The Creek divides Dubai into two parts. The contemporary sightseeing locations of Dubai engage the tourists in their tours. The ancient heritage attractions here are all of historic importance. Apart from the ancient attractions, Dubai Government has emphasised on launching new tourist spots in the past few years. The planning is on and people are really looking forward to the all-new attractions. 

Apart from the age-old tourist spots of Dubai, the city has recently come up with a list of new attractions for its visitors. We have made a list of 16 top picks of Dubai for you to visit on your next Dubai tour:

  Dubai Safari Park

The Dubai Safari Park is located at Al Warqa, which happens to be in the southeast of Dubai Creek. The park will be opened for visitors from January 2018. Director General of Dubai Municipality, Mr. Hussain Nasser Lootah has been keen on this project and made this possible in a short time. 

Ticket Costs of Dubai Safari Park:

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The entrance fees of the Dubai Safari Park are Dh20 for children and Dh50 for adults for people from Africa and Asia. Other than these two continents, people visiting from other places have to bear Dh30 for children and Dh85 for adults as the entry fee. However, it is absolutely free for children below the age of three. People above the age of 60 can also enter the Safari Park for free.

The glass roof entrance of Dubai Safari Park is worth a watch. There are souvenir shops across the baffle doors. Kids would definitely like this place. The animal world of the Park surely will attract more crowds every year.

The park covers a total area of 119 hectares. There are arrangements for electronic vehicles to roam inside the park. There are toy trains for people to enjoy the safari ride with their friends and family.

The Safari Village inside the park is brilliantly created. You can see a hippopotamus right inside the water at the village as you enter it. As we keep on mentioning in all our articles, Dubai is the place for luxury and comfort. It leaves no stone unturned to give you that ultimate comfort. So, here in the Safari Village, you can roam with air-conditioned cars. This will protect you from the scorching sun heat.

The Safari Theatre is made for kids to learn about the animal world through videos. There are many restaurants and cafeteria inside the campus for the tourists to refresh themselves. 

There is a lot of variety of animals in the safari zoo. 70 baboons have been brought here for the visitors to see. There are 4 Siberian tigers that catch the most attention. One of the Siberian tigers is white in colour, whereas, the other three are of orange colour. Other than these, there are Ostriches, Nilgais, Arabian Oryx bull-elephants, meerkats and crocodiles in the safari zoo. There are separate aviary and reptile sections. 

The Waadi area is perfect for the families to sit and enjoy the nature. The greenery around you calms all your senses. 

Most animals, birds, and reptiles are bought from the Dubai Zoo in Jumeirah. There is a veterinary hospital opened with all world-class medical devices and techniques for the well-being of the zoo animals. The hospital will also work as a research centre to work on the medical advances in the treatment of these beautiful lives.

When designing the green project, Dubai Municipality ensured that Dubai Safari Park has integrated solar power for the in-house production of energy. It also has introduced water recycling and waste disposal facilities to control environmental pollution.

 Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre

Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre is a new attraction for people interested in science and astronomy. This observatory is built with a sum of Dh40 million! The centre is situated Mushrif Park in Mirdif. 

It has a space museum that features the entire universe and all solar systems. It provides knowledge on the astronomical researches going on in the country. The research scholars of Dubai on this subject put forward their thesis to present in front of the interested people. It also tells us about the previous and on-going space expeditions. The gallery inside the observatory holds pictures from around the space. Those are collected by space-expeditors in their journeys. The theatre inside the astronomical institute shows various video shows on space journeys. It tells about the stars and galaxies. The shows have definite timings. These are conducted in English and Arabic Languages. The authorities are evaluating on opening shows in other languages as well. Hopefully, we will be able to see them in near future. The lecture theatre of the centre hosts conferences on the subject for various academic institutions. This is a landmark astronomy resort of Dubai that has already gained so much popularity amongst visitors. Built in the Marmoun desert, this recently opened research house is a fascination for star and space lovers.

  Dubai Frame

The 150 meters high and 93 meters wide Dubai Frame is built for Dh160-million by Dubai Municipality. The frame gives a panoramic view of the entire Dubai city. There are two main towers of this frame. These two are connected by a bridge that is some 100-square-meter in length and 25-square-meter in breathe. The panel is made of glass and it reflects the grand view of the city. The world-famous architect Mr. Fernando Donis has designed this frame. He has previously stunned us with his designs of the Dubai’s Porsche Design Towers, and the Dubai Renaissance Tower.

There is a museum on the ground floor of this tower that depicts the evolution of Dubai as a global wealthy metropolis from a mere fishing village. Located at Zabeel Park, this tower is soon expected to gain similar popularity like the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab.

  Dubai Ferris wheel 

Astonishment at its peak! Yes, the Dubai Ferris Wheel is the world’s largest Ferris wheel and accommodates 1, 400 passengers at a time. The giant wheel of the Blue waters Island project, costing Dh6-billion is 210 meters high. The wheel is actually a part of the Jumeirah Beach Residence. The beautiful design of this wheel and technical executions are done by Meraas Holding. There are 48 capsules in the Ferris wheel that can carry 1,400 enthusiasts at a time. You can have a grand view of Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and the beautiful Palm Jumeirah from this ride.


  IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG Worlds of Adventure is a newly built indoor amusement park that covers an area about 1.5 million square feet. The theme park is divided into four zones. They are:

  •    Marvel
  •    Cartoon Network
  •    Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure, and
  •    IMG Boulevard

There are near about 30 restaurants inside the park campus. You will find cuisines from all over the world here. The eateries are all brilliantly decorated with specific themes. There are also many shops selling various souvenir items. This place is great for tourists who want to collect gift items for their family and friends back home.


  Dubai Parks and Resorts 

Dubai Parks and Resorts is an upscale themed park is an amazing experience for all luxury enthusiasts. Life is nothing but a grand splendour here. The monumental hotels, grand bars, dance stages and awe-inspiring celebration of the resort are an experience of a lifetime. The theme park is expected to open in October 2016. The resort opens at the River land Dubai and connects Motion gate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai, Legoland Dubai, Legoland Water Park and the Lapita Hotel. This place attracts people enthusiast about grand nightlife. It provides all the fun and joy of awesome night recreation in the authentic Arabic style.


  Deira Fish Market 

The iconic Deira Fish Market has been replaced by the new Waterfront Market, located near the Hamriya Port. This market is one of the biggest suppliers of vegetables, fish, and meat in the city. It’s a two-story building with more than 150 fruit shops, 70 meat stalls, 770 kiosks and 70 spice outlets. There have been many instances when tourists personally buy meats and fishes from this market for the hotel chefs to cook for them. The fresh sea fishes are most liked by tourists visiting Dubai.


  Dubai Opera House 

Dubai Opera House is a newly opened multi-format centre for performing art. The auditorium is beautifully architecture by the very popular name in the business, the Emaar properties. It hosts performances based on song and dance. The banquet hall resembles a sailing boat, popularly called the Dhow in the UAE. It is beautifully decorated and represents true Arabian legacy. The cultural folk songs and dances are practiced here by various musical groups of the country. They hold regular seminars on development of art and culture at this venue. This is certainly one proud choice for global performers to participate in such big stage.


  Dubai Metro extension 

The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai have recently moved the work-in-progress of the Dubai Metro Extension. There is 15-kilometre extension of the Dubai Metro sanctioned and executed that has connected seven more stations. This has also connected the Dubai World Central Airport Al Maktoum International Airport with metro railways now. The objective of such extension is to prosper the city connectivity before the Expo 2020. Three new stations that have recently started operation are the Discovery Gardens, Jumeirah Golf Estates, and Dubai Investments Park.


    Dubai Water Canal 

The Dubai water canal extends from the Business Bay, passes through the Safar Park and Jumeirah, and finally falls down in the Arabian Gulf. This 3 kilometre long water canal was unveiled in the year 2013 and finally inaugurated for people to see in the year 2016. Here you can find private marinas for special road rides with your family. You can book them for you to have your exclusive time. The canal is adjacent to 4 hotels, a shopping centre, cycling pavement and over 400 restaurants serving foods from all over the world.


    City Walk Phase 2 

City Walk Phase 2 is the extension of Meeras Holdings’ retail space. This beautiful new development has planned hotels, residential accommodations and retail outlets in it. Located in Jumeirah, this residential and commercial unit hosts grand dine-out arcades for the visitors and residents. 


  Used Furniture Market 

The used furniture market is the newest attraction of Dubai for the tourists. It is opened in June, 2017 and is already a favourite place for home-makers. The market is located at Nad Al Sheba 3 on the Manama Street. Mr Khalifa Hareb, the honourable director of the municipality assets management department of the United Arab Emirates has initiated this project. The objective of this project is to locate all the scattered furniture shops of the city at one place. The administrative office of this 6 blocked market campus governs the regulations of the 120 stores in operation. 


    Palms Park 

When in Dubai, nothing can win your heart but dates! Yes, Dubai now has a brilliantly built Palms Park that offers more than 300 types of dates and 1,400 palm trees. The 10.8 hectares palm tree-shaped park located in Al Awir projects the true image of the nation’s culture. Dates from this park are sent to the Date Souqs for people to buy. The date is the symbol of the UAE’s culture and heritage. This park has over 150 varieties of date palms. There are separate counters for ethnic cooking in the park. Apart from that, you can find handicraft exhibitions and traditional dance shows. 


  Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk 

The Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk is built with a gross budget of Dh150-million. This beautifully designed waterfront attraction extends over an area of almost 11kilometres in length and 6 kilometres in width. The pavement is strictly for pedestrians. Cycling or any other vehicle is strictly prohibited. You can see a grand view of The Palm, Arabian Gulf and the Dubai skyline from this boardwalk.


    Marina 101 Tower 

Marina 101 Tower is recognised to be the second tallest tower of Dubai. The 426 metres high tower a Marina 101 Tower Marina 101 Tower Marina 101 Tower at the Dubai Marina. The tower hosts the Middle East’s first Hard Rock Hotel. This super tall structure has beautiful visuals on the exteriors and is visible from the Dubai airport during night.


    Nikki Beach 

Nikki Beach is the newest man-made beach in Dubai by one the global beach club. The beach at the Pearl Jumeirah covers an area over 52,000 square metres. There are many exotic restaurants and clubs on the beach. Nikki Beach has won millions of heart in Spain, Thailand, Miami, France, Italy, Greece and many more places. It’s time for it to rock the people of Dubai and its visitors.

So here we have discussed the new venues that have to be on your list for your next Dubai visit. The UAE never leaves a stone unturned to excite you. The nation believes in high luxurious lifestyle and offers the same to its visitors. The new ventures opened by Dubai government tempt people around the world to make a quick visit to the city. Visit Dubai to see the amazing new spots and enjoy to the fullest.

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