The 9 Fantastic Extreme Adventures in Dubai

Dubai Skyscapers

Image Source: Pixabay Photographed by Paule_Knete

Dubai is among the seven emirates that complete UAE and is home to scenic beauty, manufactured miracles, and thrilling, adventurous sports. Being among the most popular holiday destinations, this city has a lot to offer to all its tourists. Popularly known for its state-of-the-art architectural structures and oil reserves, the myriad of adventurous activities here is quite attractive. Dubai’s adventurous activities are endless, from soaring above the clouds and enjoying the water activities to dune bashing.

No other place on this earth can define ‘thrilling’ and ‘luxury’ better than Dubai. Once you visit Dubai, you won’t be able to get over the paradise-like places. So, if you are already planning on a trip to Dubai, make sure to check this list of eight fantastic adrenaline-rushing activities here.

Burj Khalifa Pinnacle Base Jump

Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building. Well, that’s a known fact. Are you wondering what’s more to it? If you aren’t a faint-hearted person and have no fear of heights, the 2720 feet tall building will surely amaze you. Simply imagine how you would feel standing on the deck of the 148th floor. Mesmerizing, isn’t it? Now think about jumping off this floor, with your heart rushing at its highest speed. And no, nobody is asking you to jump right off. You will be given special equipment for it like a harness and parachutes. This is called base jumping. Of course, you will have experts right by your side for professional guidance. It is one of the best and most extreme activities for die-hard adventure lovers.

Dune Bashing

Do you love speed? Then, try out dune bashing the first thing you reach Dubai. Dune bashing is one such extreme activity that helps you fulfill your desire to speed against the winds on Dubai’s sand. Since Dubai desert safari is a popular attraction, taste its roots by sitting behind the steering wheels of an SUV. Don‘t forget to attach the Toyota Tacoma roof rack to your vehicle for extra storage space in an otherwise useless area(for storage). Almost everyone has heard about this adventure. For those passionate about cars, dune bashing can give them the taste of a ‘Fast and Furious’ feeling. This thrilling sport is unbeatable once you move the fourth gear and hit the gas. Watch the dunes surrounding you gush through the desert, racing for your life.

Snorkeling And Shark Diving

Do you wish to experience the beauty of marine life? Then try out snorkeling. You’ll get to swim along with the marine dwellers and experience the elegant corals and marine life at its best. Snorkeling is among the best sports as you can expose yourself to the Gulf waters. Palm Jumeirah in Dubai offers the best snorkeling experience ever. You may try out other exciting and daring activities like shark diving and snorkeling. Wouldn’t you love diving deep into the sea in one tank while a hundred pound and 300 razor-sharp toothed shark swims around you? This is time to come face to face with the world’s deadliest predator and see how daring you can be. This activity is uncommon and more exciting than it may sound.

Bungee Jumping

While listing down all the adventures to try out in Dubai, you can never forget to add bungee jumping to your list. Did you know that Dubai was the first to set the bungee jumping record in 2014? At the Dubai Autodrome, it hosted 151 jumps in 24 hours. So, take your precariousness to the next level by participating in bungee jumping, where you will be harnessed with an elastic cord and no parachute. It may sound not very comforting, but it is full of excitement, and Dubai tops in safety measures.

Bungee Jumping

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The sea dominates one end of Dubai, while the desert defends the other and brings a wealth of activities, the greatest of which being Flyboarding. It has made transitioning between flying and swimming a breeze. The amphibious innovation is simple to master and provides a powerful boost to your adrenal glands. At a peak speed of 150 KMPH, you may fly 100 feet above the earth or plunge below.


Discover the trendiest ways to see the Dubai skyline. Now that you’ve decided to go skydiving in Dubai, get your skydiving pass, get dressed, and from 5000 feet, take a leap of faith. One of the most spectacular sights to witness is the vista of the Palm Jumeirah from the summit. There’s no need to be afraid because you’ll be attached to an experienced skydiver and even use their GoPro cameras to film the entire experience.


Image Source: Pixabay Photographed by antonin77

Hot Air Balloon

There is no better way to explore Dubai’s skyline than a hot air balloon ride. You will be going all up in the air on a hot air balloon ride and taking in the view from the perspective of a bird’s eye. Look out for the Burj Al Arab, the Persian Gulf, and Burj Khalifa and participate in adventure sports as they are full of excitement and mesmerizing at the same time.

Hot Air Baloon

Image Source: Pixabay Photographed by antonin77

Water Jetpack

Dubai’s most unusual water adventure activity is the Water Jetpack Experience. This one should be on your list if you want to branch out beyond jet skiing and parasailing. In movies and video games, the hydro sport appears to be quite appealing, and you won’t be able to resist it. The saddle lifts your entire body weight with the power of water.

SeaBreacher Ride

 You must be wondering what a seabreacher ride. If you ever happen to see taking one, you will surely be tempted to try it for yourself. The activity involves a watercraft in the shape of a shark that has the ability to float on the water and going underwater. Think how much fun it would be riding one of these.

Final Thoughts

Dubai will excite your adrenaline surge with its magnificent power-packed experiences and a great environment that hugs you, saying ‘Marhaba’ (Hello in Arabic) the moment you arrive.

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