Best 10 things to do in Abu Dhabi 2019

The capital of the United Arab Emirates and the second largest city in the country, Abu Dhabi is one of the most progressive global cosmopolitans.

The city is known for its present-day architecture, new-fangled high-rises, and modish lifestyle.

Abu Dhabi tour brings with it an opportunity to experience the tropical humid climate of aesthetic deserts and alluring beaches and islands.

There are a lot of attractions scattered all around this gorgeous city for you to see as you step out of your hotel room.

The waterfront of Abu Dhabi like Yas Marina or Corniche is great places of relaxation. The cool breezes of the early morning and late evening beaches releases every bit of stress from you.

As the sun sets on the horizon, the entire waterfront dazzles up in a beautiful natural ambiance.

There are a number of resorts and water parks for water sports enthusiasts. You can enjoy the marine life at these manmade parks and recreation centers to the fullest.

Abu Dhabi has special recreations for car lovers. The private exhibition of a car lover Sheikh at the National Auto Museum is constructed for all auto buffs who visit this place to see the auto gallery.

The clean and fresh beaches, everlasting sunshine, splendid desert and high-spirited urbane lifestyle of Abu Dhabi wins every heart visiting the city for holidays.

The icing on the cake is the exceptional Arabian hospitality. People here at this delightful destination are known for their unprecedented warm reception and conviviality.

The city is surrounded by super tall buildings, broad boulevards, and remarkable shopping malls. The fascinating fact about this place is its fusion of intriguing Arabic heritage and unmatched city-polished lifestyle.

Holiday in Abu Dhabi offers you the top-class luxury and deep reach to the ethics and culture of the Arabian civilization.

10 things to do and Attractions in Abu Dhabi

There is an array of places to traverse in the vivacious city of Abu Dhabi in 2019. There are a number of events and proceedings occurring around the city all year through.

Plan your holiday in this scintillating city with your holiday 2019-planner to make the most out of the time you spend here.

This way you can see all the natural attractions, cultural heritage, landscapes and lively energetic entertainment of the city.

Heritage Village

The Heritage Village is situated at the heart of the city. This wonderful museum offers you to look deep into the cultural Bedouin tradition and lifestyle.

The museum beautifully exhibits the ancient irrigation system of this place that has incredible involvement in the development of this city.

The village tents and enclosures have been brilliantly reconstructed for the people to witness the village life of this cosmopolitan city.

There are counters for visitors to buy beautiful Arabic pottery for their friends at home. There are stalls of exotic Arabic spices that you get nowhere in the world.

These collectibles are in great demand amongst the visitors.

The Abu Dhabi Heritage Village is built on the same place where the mass from the Middle East once a refuge and migrated before oil was discovered here.

Hence, this place displays the exact same living conditions of the old landscape and bygone mud-brick houses.

The traditional souqs, mosques, and fishing villages remind of the good old time. You can watch the amazing game of falconry that is immensely popular in the Arabic culture.

The camel ride will take you to the primordial days. The museum has in store every element of the classical Arabian life that was once prominent in the village lifestyle of this place.

The entire Arabian Peninsula is created in a miniature form in this Heritage Village. It restores all the events of the glorifying Arabic history and tales of the evolution of this emirate.

The white sand beach of this museum welcomes you to spend some time here and enjoy the exotic Arabic Goat Milk Coffee.

The light music besides the Arabian Sea will fill you with complete serenity as you relax over a cup of delicious Arabic beverages.

Khalifa Park

For relaxation, fun and entertainment visit the Khalifa Park – a popular attraction that is as alluring to the locals as it is to the foreign visitors on Abu Dhabi holidays.

Located very near to Abu Dhabi’s old airport, Khalifa Park has a lot to offer to all kinds of visitors!

The park’s features include a beautifully landscaped grand avenue, central plaza for the meeting, maritime museum, time tunnel ride, an amphitheater, party hall and theme park.

Visitors can also take a trip to a wonderful mosque.

Khalifa Park is one great attraction for fun and relaxation for tourists as well as locals. This park is close to the old Abu Dhabi airport and hosts countless visitors on a daily basis.

The beautiful landscape of this park, maritime museum, and theme park attracts people of all ages.

There is an old mosque inside the park that has great cultural value and holds the heritage of the Arabic belief.

The Cultural Library inside the park is a nice place to spend some time knowing about Arabian history and evolution.

The park welcomes its visitors with a grand fountain. The big park can be traveled on toy-trains that take visitors from one end to the other.

The park has water amusements at Murjan Splash Park inside the campus. There are live bands for the audience to learn about the regional folk music.

The beautifully crafted garden soothes every eye.

The gymnasium at Khalifa Park gives you a different experience. You can skate with the many skaters performing on the platform there.

Even if it is your first experience on a skating rink, the guides at your service will help you learn the basics quickly and enjoy safe skating.

Wall climbing is another great activity here at the gymnasium. This is also done under expert supervision.

There are live shows for the kids who perform songs, dance, poem and other talent for the audiences.

The coordinators engage the visitors in this fun affair and make it even more interesting. There are strict rules to follow in this heritage park.

Your travel guide will make you acquainted with the rules before to allow you time to prepare for it.

Khalifa Park Museum

If you are keen on knowing the culture and history of Abu Dhabi, the Khalifa Park Museum is definitely for you.

This museum takes you back to the primitive time of this emirate when life here was totally different.

This is a practical opportunity to know about the evolution of this emirate from a fish producing land to a global cosmopolitan today.

The museum has not let any element of the foregone times go obsolete from human memory.

It has beautifully stored every event that contributes to the advancement and expansion of this successful emirate.

The famous Time Tunnel ride of the Khalifa Park is the pinnacle of attraction for visitors where they go through a train journey and enjoy three-dimensional experiences of visuals, smell, and sounds of the ancient Arabic days.

The Emirates Palace Hotel

The grand Emirates Palace Hotel of Abu Dhabi stands for the absolute luxury of the emirate.

This 7star hotel is recognized all over the world for its world-class design, architect, and facilities. In a nutshell, this hotel can be described as a mini world of resources and convenience.

The hotel hosts top-class guestrooms and charismatic restaurants for its guests.

The captivating hotel is a scintillating landmark of the city. This is a center for various cultural activities as well.

The hotel is open for tourists who are even not staying in here and welcomes them to explore the hotel’s territory and abode.

The interior architecture of this hotel is kept conventional along with trendy embellishments of gold and marble.

This hotel serves the best accommodation for families visiting Abu Dhabi on holidays and for corporate delegates as well.

The luxury of this hotel is an extraordinary experience for its guests. The facilities and services provided in this luxurious hotel are simply out of the world.

The hotel signifies the uppermost level of technology and opulence that can be ever offered.

The landscapes are artificially designed at various places of the hotel to portray the palm parks, desert, and fountains.

The private beach of this hotel is an infallible astonishment for people enjoying their holiday here.

There are manmade domes in the hotel that twinkles like pure gold during sunny days.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates. It is considered as the eighth biggest mosque in the entire world.

A huge amount of money and efforts have been put towards the construction of this splendid mosque.

The grand mosque is named after the founder and first president of the nation Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

It attracts tourists all over the world for its brilliant architecture and beautiful ambiance.

The mosque is beautifully crafted with a blend of the Mughal, Moorish and Arabic designs.

The structures of this mosque have been inspired by the Casablanca’s Hassan II Mosque situated at Morocco.

The dome layout and the floor design are inspired by the Badshahi Mosque situated in Lahore, Pakistan.

The Arabic styled minarets and the Moorish motifs styled archways add grandeur to this beautiful mosque.

The Corniche

The Corniche Road or the Corniche of Abu Dhabi is a popular walkway on the western side of the Abu Dhabi Island.

This walkway is beautifully decorated by the emirate government for the tourists and locals to have a good time sitting by the side of the waterfront.

The place is enhanced with artificial fountains and beautiful greenery. The cycle path is constructed for people to enjoy the place on cycles.

This magnificent waterfront walkway is made on an old public beach.

This path accommodates the famous Marina Mall. The UAE national flag hoisted at the Marina Mall is recognized to be one of the tallest flagpoles across the globe.

As you walk along the Corniche walkway, you can see the tiny Lulu Island within close proximity.

The Emirates Palace Hotel is also in this same region. The beautiful skyscrapers are all around the streets and make this place look absolutely posh and urbane.

The fantastic fountain and greenery of the Corniche garden let you go calmer inside as you spend some time here.

The park-lined coastal boulevard offers a divine serenity as you hear the Azan from a nearby mosque in the evening.

You can opt for fishing in the water or can sit still at one of the benches to watch the bird.

This is one of the favorite spots for European tourists who engage their quality time in such amused relaxation.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi offers special entertainment for motor racing enthusiasts. The Ferrari World is inspired by the theme of racing cars and rides.

Adventure aficionados can have a great time here to enjoy the exciting rides. This place attracts enthusiasts of all ages.

The car rides are well-maintained by deputed staffs that ensure safety and security. There are separate sections for kids to enjoy different car rides of their size.

One can enjoy exhilarating adrenalin rush at the high peak car rides. The theme of the park is Ferrari and hence the color used all over is red.

This makes the ambiance absolutely eye catchy and gorgeous at the same time.

The Ferrari world hosts the Formula One event, which is one greatest attraction of this kind.

This theme park is spread over an area of 47 square miles and has more than 20 attractions for ride lovers.

You can enjoy the world’s fastest roller coaster here that takes you on a ride at a speed of 240 kmph.

There are various interactive car games for visitors to enjoy with their group. You can buy themed collectibles from here to take them home as a souvenir of your brilliant experience.

Other than rides and shopping, the scintillating restaurants attract the tourists to gulp some of their favorite cuisines.

The Ferrari themed authentic Italian restaurants are there to cater to your quick hunger pangs.

Sir Bani Yas Island

Sir Bani Yas Island at Al Gharbia is one of the beautiful Arabian Wildlife Park of Abu Dhabi.

This island is home to many and various wild animals like deer, giraffes, hyenas, and cheetahs.

You can be really lucky to see the rare Arabian Oryx and gazelles here.

There are few archaeological sites and an ancient Christian monastery in the park that tells about the primitive landscape of this jungle.

Wildlife is preserved in the most organic way in this natural park. You can enjoy excursions to explore the adventures of this park.

The waterfront here is magnificent. One can spend hours after hours just by looking at the water, shipwreck, sea kayak routes and the beautiful sunset.

There are arrangements for snorkeling, boating, deep-sea fishing, pearl diving and pearl diving for the tourists.

Falcon Hospital

Falcons have always been an integral part of the Arabic culture. Bedouin Sheikhs who dominated Abu Dhabi in the early times had great interests for birds, gazelles, and hares.

Falconry is a well-known sport of the UAE post the discovery of oil in the country. The UAE government has taken multiple measures to protect the Falcons.

Special breeding programs are undertaken to keep these birds away from the endangered list.

The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is for this species to breed and flourish properly.

The hospital researched on various medical techniques to protect and treat the Falcons.

Tourists can come to know about the ancient techniques of falconry and falcon breeding here at the hospital.

You can get yourself a picture clicked with falcons and traditional Arabic dress at different counters and be a part of the beauty, poise, and mastery of the Arabic culture.

Yas Water World

The Yas Water world, located on Yas Island, is one of the famous waterparks of the UAE. This tourist spot, in fact, gathers a huge crowd every day.

The electrifying rides of this waterpark give you a memory of a lifetime.

Opened in 2013, this water-park has been able to enlist itself in the top 10 global aqua-venues of the world in such a small span of time.

The waterpark is spread over an area of nearly 37acres and offers to galvanize water-rides and rapids.

There are various exciting water rides in this park that totally amazes you. There are separate rides for the kids to enjoy without any fear.

All the rides are secured with guards who physically observe the entire park all the time.

There are ample options for food and drinks for visitors to enjoy in the middle of their rides.

There are a lot of cafeterias that offer you energy-boosting beverages to charge you up to explore all the water rides.

You get all types of cuisines available at various counters of the water park.

Apart from rides and food, the water park has souvenir shops for visitors to buy various Arabic gift items and home decor for them.

Various outlets display tokens of Arabic cultural products for the people to buy from.

There are security lockers for visitors to hire or rent.

One can keep his valuables like camera, money, ornaments and other necessary stuff in these lockers for the time they stay in the waterpark.

Ending Words

Not many decades ago, Abu Dhabi was a mere fishing village. The Bedouin tribe cultivated in the area and earned their meager livelihood.

Today the city is marked as one of the most powerful global cosmopolitans and one of the most desired corporate and holiday destination.

The journey of this great evolution was not easy. Interestingly, this happened in a span of very less time.

Abu Dhabi is known for its local traditions fascinatingly mixed with modernity.

Abu Dhabi holidays are much more than luxurious hotels and gorgeous skyscrapers all over the emirate.

It is a mixed bag of Arabian culture and history along with the mighty city life.

Abu Dhabi is as gorgeous as its sister emirate Dubai. The development of this city could not cut down on its authentic hospitality that attracts tourists all over the world.

In true sense, the city welcomes its visitor to witness its success and rich cultural heritage. The opulence and luxury of Abu Dhabi are as beautiful as its history.

It has entertainment for people of all age. The Heritage Village and Khalifa Park narrate the story of this past.

The Ferrari Themed Park is for all car enthusiasts and rides lovers. The new Saadiyat area has become the center of international culture and associates a global culture.

The Zayed National Museum at the Saadiyat, the Louvre Abu Dhabi, and the Guggenheim are centers for performing arts maritime museum in the city.

There are countless luxurious hotels and shopping malls in Abu Dhabi.

Shopping enthusiasts can keep a day secured only to visit the gorgeous shopping malls and traditional souqs of the city.

You can get all the pricy and sophisticated brands having outlets in the shopping malls of Abu Dhabi. You name it and you get it.

All the costly brands selling clothes and accessories in the world have their stores at various shopping malls in the city.

You can find various European coffee shops at different points of the city that gives a true feeling of being in a global cosmopolitan.

Abu Dhabi has preserved its rich cultural heritage for centuries. The traditional lifestyle, food, sports, and resources are well maintained for generations to know.

The city’s standard of living has reached its highest peak after the discovery of oil wells.

However, cultural heritage is still equally respected and restored in the emirate.

The super affluent and rich emirate Abu Dhabi is dedicated to the conservation of Arabic tradition and culture in its heart.

The city stands for an excellent fusion of today’s modern lifestyle and traditional livelihood of the emirate before the oil era.

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