Best places to visit in Dubai 2019

Places you must visit in Dubai 2019

best places to visit in dubai

best places to visit in dubai 2019

Extravagant Dubai is one of the greatest glitzy places on earth that you must have an eye on. The city is full of glam and of course all sorts of eye-catchy sights that won’t let you leave the city easily once you visit it. The city of sky touching infrastructure and attractive architecture are going to blow your mind. Also, the beauty of the city is unique in its own way. There might not be a massive green sight that you can experience, but the city will still surprise you with its extraordinary attractions. The city comes with the high-rising building and amazing malls constituting with surprising massive aquariums as well as indoor skiing options. Let’s see what the city has to offer to you worth a visit –

Burj Khalifa
The tallest wonder of the world, the Burj Khalifa wins its pride in everyone’s heart. The building of 829.8 meters can hold of the sort of amnesties, offices, entertainment options, hanging out places, food place etc. The feeling would be probably to have the chance to stay there and enjoy every bit of thing they are offering. However, that’s not bad either to visit the building only to enjoy it from far.
The 24th floor with the observation deck is the most recommended and visited pace in the building. The attractive skyline will leave you a moment to catch breathe because that’s no less than an astonishing view. Besides the light panorama of Dubai is famous all over the world. So view at night for the lighting is surprisingly breathe taking. The fountain at the ground of the building has the tallest performing fountain that you wouldn’t want to miss while visiting Dubai. Moreover, if you are looking for a little touch of nature, Burj Khalifa will take care of that as well. The beautifully furnished gardens are one of the peaceful places in the building.

Burj Al Arab
‘The fourth tallest hotel in the world’, don’t you think at least the statement is worth visiting? The beautiful hotel’s both design and the view of Jumeirah Beach nearby is surprising to all every time. Not only the infrastructure but also the decorations were not left behind. The amazing lighting at night will leave you wondering every time. This invention of Dubai infrastructure will serve with cordial love and myriad experience.

Jumeirah Beach
Beaches have something that makes you lost in somewhere. The breeze leaves you lost in nature and keep you far away from any hazards of life. The one named Jumeirah Beach in Dubai is one of the most exotic beaches in the world. This place attracted many couples getting engaged in this place. The view of the high tech infrastructure and the establishment of an amazing hotel near the beach have increased tourist value up to another level.
The sunset at the beach will leave you astonished saying nothing. The exotic beauty and chills never fail to astound any tourist. So whether you are a beach lover or not, the beach will attract you like crazy once you visit there. One of the most visited spots in Dubai; Jumeirah Beach is always there for all highly luxurious service and a majestic sunset helping you remove all the hazards of the day.

Dubai Mall
Speaking of all majestic charms, Dubai mall is another level majestic experience. It’s not like other ordinary malls. Rather it’s the cluster of all sorts of ‘dream come true’ place. The center of shopaholics and the road to the Burj Khalifa, this mall is the lively spot for all adventurous soul out there. This massive place holds hoses the all-time famous Dubai Aquarium.
Besides this place is not only a shopping zone but also all sort of entertainment source. You can think of the gaming zone, skiing, skating, movie theater, aquarium and what not. This place itself id more or less a small city of adventure. Because once you are in there, it seems like some another world. So for any side-by-side adventure, this pace is mostly recommended for you.

Dubai Museum
The soul of history is held here. Want to know more about Dubai? Your next destination should be this museum. This museum houses the ancient come-out of Dubai and the industrialization period starting with its oil booming resources. Some kinds of stuff will actually surprise you. Because why not? We never know about any place unless we visit such historical rich resources of any country like museums and stuffs.
This museum left no stone unturned to surprise its visitors. Besides, it’s not like any other museum. The museum itself provides a luxurious experience even from the beginning at the entrance throughout the whole hall and corridor.

The House of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum

Visiting Dubai but yet haven’t visited the glorious house of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum? This can’t happen. Add it in your bucket list as well. He was the ruler of Dubai and his heredity ruled in Dubai even till now as well. He took the initiative to house the greatest Dubai Museum. No wonder why. His family heredity has been ruling for a long time, it’s no way less important to hold the memories and success all in a place.
Visiting this place will lead you automatically to the interest to take a look at the Dubai Museum. Because the majestic house of Sheikh Saeed Al cannot but leave you surprised with the rich infrastructure innovation and digging deeper to get in touch with each bit and pieces of this glamorous city.

Desert Safari
Searching for adventure, here you go… Dubai desert is waiting for you. While you are counting on the places to visit, you will lose count on the activities you can do in Dubai. The most common and adventurous one is dessert safari. You can visit with Dessert cars or maybe even camels. Whatever you feel adventurous, the city will welcome you anyway.

Dubai Miracle Garden
One of the most photogenic places in Dubai. Nature lovers should be lost in here for its majestic and heart-warming beauty. Just imagine a garden with thousands of flowers and the sweet smell is everywhere. Wherever you go, flowers are what you will see. This place is actually worth a visit at least once.
Every little thing here is covered with flowers. Name tit – the entrance gate, facades, palaces, houses, EVERYTHING is covered with flowers and greenery. The lavish green with vibrant hues of dozen color of flowers is going to melt your heart. It won’t be surprising if the words come out of your mouth after visiting this miracle garden – ‘Gosh! I don’t want to leave this place’. Really, this place is a legit miracle one.


Winding Up

Dubai is a city of surprise, amazement, variety, adventure, beauty, and high-tech. Above all, it’s a 360 experience here with that of each part. This city is the destination that should be on the top priority list. All the experience you’ll have here will be just ‘mesmerizing’ – that’s the word you can choose to envision it. Now you’re just a plan away to make your way to Dubai. So waiting for what? Plan the trip to Dubai. And if you have any other places in the ‘to-visit’ lost in Dubai that we did not mention here, let us know in the comments. Happy trip!!!

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