My Amazing Full Day Dubai City Tour Experience

It took me no time to say “Yes” to the project that I was chosen to attend at Dubai! For corporate travelers like me, getting assignments in various cities adds to our adventure list. Moreover, when the name is Dubai, it cannot be anything but a sheer boon. The moment I land here, I decided to go for a full day Dubai city tour to explore the fantastic sightseeing of Dubai.

The land of surprises!


Dubai, The favorite shopping destination attracts every travel lover with its new-fangled shopping malls and traditional souks. It has world’s only seven-star hotel in it. The history, heritage and vibrant lifestyle of this city weave the best holidays.

Interestingly, we had a day off between the two days of our conference. All of us wanted to see this beautiful city ever since we landed here. So, my first job was to find an affordable day tour guide to the town.

The internet makes life easy these days. I also choose to Google for the best rated and high ranked day guide in Dubai.

Out of the names I filtered, I sent emails to each one of them. TravelPlanDubai was the first of them to reply to my queries.

In fact, I was amazed to use their chat services that continuously supported my doubts and reservation. Their representative met us at the hotel lounge and finalized the tour booking.

My Amazing Full Day Dubai City Tour Experience 1


The Tour Day

My colleagues and I eagerly waited for TravelPlanDubai crew to initiate our Dubai City Tour. We prepared ourselves as per the list of itinerary sent by the team.

Their punctuality is something to appreciate. They were prompt in their pick up time, and a latest air-conditioned car was right at the hotel doors for me at the scheduled time.

Dubai is one of the best places to travel for business tourists without any doubt. Business travelers visit this city often for their exhibitions, meetings, and conferences.

The white sand beaches, rugged mountain topography, heritage buildings, and tranquil deserts are full peace providers.

Dubai is an active place for all leisure lovers. The heritage museum, theme parks, traditional souks and shopping malls will give you shots of astonishment one after another.

Your moments of awestruck are never-ending in this beautiful modern city.

My Amazing Full Day Dubai City Tour Experience 2

We booked the 8 hours Dubai day trip with with an objective to see the most of the city in a day’s time.

While communicating with them, we knew that they could customize the city tours like 4 or 6 hours for people with less time in hand, especially Dubai Airport Layover or Transit travelers.

Since we had a whole day off, 8 hours, Dubai city tour package was the most appropriate for us.

Our Journey Begins

Thankfully the tour guide accompanying us was an English speaking professional. His knowledge about the city’s history and evolution, his time-sense, road and direction grip was extraordinary.

He drove us through all the spots that we have chosen. He told us interesting facts about the heritage places of Dubai that even Google did not have a trace.

Yes, sometimes we need a local to know a place better. No amount of Google research can suffice information about a place like the way a native can guide you.

The best thing about my cheerful driver cum guide was he never compromised for our comfort. Throughout the visit, he kept us engaged with his narrations about the city.

All our colleagues well understood English, or else as heard from our guide, TravelPlanDubai appoints unique language guides as and when required with additional cost.

My Amazing Full Day Dubai City Tour Experience 3

Let’s have a look at the places we covered in the first 4 hours of our Dubai City Tour.

  1. Burj Khalifa (Photo Stop):

    Ever since I knew I was going to Dubai, my first thought was to visit this gorgeous mega tall skyscraper in the world.

    Burj Khalifa was like a dream come a right moment for me. I was already excited as we reached Burj Khalifa.

    The City Tour doesn’t cover the access to Observation desk. Luckily we booked our ticket online and we merged our visit the Observation desk with City Tour.

    As we climbed the tallest building in the world by lift, we made several stoppages to see the city from different altitudes. Trust me it was heavenly.

    When you look at outside from those high floors, the entire world comes to your glance. The feeling is beyond a verbal expression. The world seemed to be in my arms from the glass door windows.

    The beauty of this vibrant country is apparently visible from the altitude we were. The aristocracy of the city was just in front of our eyes. Nowhere ever can I ever have this beautiful view.

    We clicked pictures to save the memories of this lovely spot.

    Note: Please note that you will have to book online well in advance to get inside the observatory deck.

    My Amazing Full Day Dubai City Tour Experience 4

  2. Palm Jumeirah Island & The Atlantis Hotel:

    Our drive through the Palm Jumeirah Island was another celestial ride for us. My colleagues and I have seen the island pictures in some of the papers we were issued at our conference the day before.

    We were looking forward to seeing the island in real that has got the shape of a palm leaf on the sea. Our guide told us an interesting fact about this island visuals from the space.

    The Dubai government and world-class skilled engineers have made an impossible possible by building such enormous city on the ocean. We stopped at the Hotel Atlantis, the world-class hotel, famous for its ultimate luxurious amenities.

    Honestly, I have never been anywhere like this before. The hotel looks like as it has just emerged from the sea water. The appearance of the hotel is entirely majestic.

    Palm Jumeirah Island is a striking place to visit. The roads and bridges built above the sea mesmerized all of us. Nowhere in the world, we have seen such advanced works of engineering and architecture.

    It took us some time to grasp the beauty of the Hotel Atlantis. We clicked as many pictures as we want. Our guide helped us click the best views at particular angles to capture the beauty of the place in frames.My Amazing Full Day Dubai City Tour Experience 5

  3. Burj al Arab and Jumeira Beach:

    Our guide next drove us to the beautiful Jumeira Beach, listed as the best attractions of Dubai in many recognized portals. Speaking for myself, I could spend an entire day or even more at this beach by merely looking at the blue sea.

    It filled me with complete peace and calmness. We walked along the sea beach and clicked pictures.

    My European colleague admitted that he had not seen such beautiful beach in any of the European nations before. We had a photo stop at the famous Burj al Arab hotel. The hotel is known for its skydive landing.

    The helicopter landing at the hotel was something we were looking forward to seeing. We clicked some of the fantastic pictures of this grand hotel and proceeded towards our next photo stop at the Jumeirah Mosque.My Amazing Full Day Dubai City Tour Experience 6

  4. The Jumeirah Mosque (Photo Stop):

    This beautiful mosque built way back in the year 1979. It narrates the story of the rich architectural heritage of Islamic religion in the city. The Jumeirah Mosque Is beautifully constructed and attract a lot of crowds every day.

    As we have been told before by our tour guide that we need to be there at this Mosque before 9:45 a.m. to enter and see the mosque from inside. It was a day trip us, and we wanted to cover most places on this short trip, we choose not to enter the mosque and see it only from outside.

    We enjoyed the serenity of this place as we hear the sound of Azan coming out. It filled us with a feeling of peace and calmness. My Amazing Full Day Dubai City Tour Experience 7

  5. Go for an Abra Ride:

    Finally, we were to experience the Abra ride! We all were excited to explore the sea on the local boats. As we reached the jetty, we could see many Abra in the water. Our guide booked one for us, and we were all set to enjoy it.

    We sailed along the city streets and watched the beauty of this magnificently built city. Our eyes were only in everything beautiful. You cannot find any dirt or dust at any corner of the city of Dubai.

    The view of the town at two shores of this water ride was just stupendous. We clicked pictures of the Dubai from this water view.

    The city looks grand as we see it from the boats. Only a professional guide can use your time optimally and ensure that you visit all the spots you have chosen within time. My Amazing Full Day Dubai City Tour Experience 8

  6. Visit Gold and Spice Souks:

    Visiting the gold souk of Dubai is a lifetime experience for me. You cannot find such treasure in any other part of the world. So much gold, platinum, precious stones and brilliant jewelry all at one place just can fascinate anyone. I was amazed to see the jewelry collection of the souk.

    Yes, I do have to believe that Dubai is the richest of all when it comes to these precious metals. They had brilliant gold designs in their jewelry collection. Nothing excites a woman more than gold. So, yes, this was one favorite part of my trip. My Amazing Full Day Dubai City Tour Experience 9
    We went next to the Spice Souk. Out first attention was the fantastic fragments that we could smell from a long distance.

    Where on earth can I ever see such collection of spices? We were surprised to see the exotic spices at each of the stores. We decided to spend some time at this souk and speak to the shop owners about their collection.

    The organic spices, dry fruit mixture, flavored powders, and other collectibles of this souk kept us busy for some time. We learned a lot on the spice export of Dubai.

    Spices from here have high global demand. We collected some of the spices as souvenirs for our friends and families back home. All the spices very neatly kept in various jars of the stores.

    As we spoke to the shopkeepers, we came to know that these spices are grown in old Dubai and are brought to the market to dry them and store them properly.

    Dubai is known for this exotic collection of spices. We came to know more about the export market of the spice souk from our travel guide. Of course, we were so happy to see this culture of Dubai in detail.

    I cannot thank more for our travel guide to take us to these lanes and show us the authentic flavor of Dubai.My Amazing Full Day Dubai City Tour Experience 10

During the first 4 hours of our Dubai Sightseeing Tour, the skyscrapers along the Sheikh Zayed road were mesmerizing. The shopping malls, large buildings, and clear paths are something to remember all my life.

I have been to the United Kingdom and many European nations before but never have had seen such advanced and progressive traffic rules. These control made our trip much more enjoyable.

We thoroughly enjoyed our car ride as we watched the beautiful city lanes and captivating buildings on both sides of the road.

It was so engaging, and we could not realize that how fast our first 4 hours of the Dubai City Tour trip completed. We were delighted with the spots we have covered in these 4 hours.

My colleagues were also excited to witness some of the fantastic places of Dubai City in this short time. We did not have any idea that we will be able to cover all these desired sites in this time frame. Full Credit goes to the tour planner who planned it as per our choices.

After having lunch, we headed towards the next part of our trip which was the next 2 hours. We liked everything we saw in these early 4 hours of our Dubai City Tour.

In a short time, we could witness some of the most beautiful places in Dubai. It has many things that excite you every moment. From the skyscrapers to the beautiful roads, you could feel to be living in heaven as you drive across the city of Dubai.

In the next two hours, we visited the following places.

Travel Plan Dubai additionally covers below attraction in 6-hour city tour of Dubai.

  1. Ski Dubai (Photo Stop):

    Ski Dubai was an extraordinary experience for all of us. Dubai is known for its pomp and show, and Ski Dubai represents this brilliantly. I could never have enjoyed so much like the way I did at Ski Dubai.

    This indoor ski resort at the Mall of the Emirates bought out the kids within us. Penguin encounter was a lifetime experience for all of us. We thoroughly enjoyed the tower climbing, ice body slide, black diamond run and many other fun activities at this center.

    I wish we had some more time to spend at this beautiful activity center. The ski experience is incredible. After few failed attempts, I could ski so well and enjoyed the artificial snow very thoroughly.My Amazing Full Day Dubai City Tour Experience 11

  2. Dubai Marina (Photo Stop):

    Next, we visited the artificial Canal city of Dubai, known as the Dubai Marina. The constructor of this town has got water from the Persian Gulf to give it a look that it has.

    The city is still under construction, and it will soon accommodate 120000 people at the various residential complex is there. We could see many under construction villas and residential apartments.

    The Dubai Marina Bay address and two the city one of the most stunning things that you see here.My Amazing Full Day Dubai City Tour Experience 12

  3. Walk around Souk Madinat Jumeirah (Little Venice):

    I could have never known that life would be so beautiful if I have not visited this place. Popularly known as the little Venice, this site floats on water. A place for shopping lovers you get all ranges of Arabian things here.

    More importantly, you get beautiful clothing, magnificent carpet, unique utensil collection, and Arabian furniture. This Island located right on the top of the Persian Gulf is too cute to believe.

    You can get amazing works of antiques and curio pieces here sold at different stores. The crockery said roll over here is beautiful and holds marks of Arabian culture on them.My Amazing Full Day Dubai City Tour Experience 13

In the last two hours, we finished covering the following places.

Travel Plan Dubai additionally covers below attractions in 8-hour city tour of Dubai.

  1. Drive through Zabeel Area, Photo Stop at Ruler Palace:

    Next, we were driving road and headed towards the Rulers Palace. We enjoyed the luxurious car ride a lot. In fact, the beautiful streets of Dubai mesmerized as to infinity.

    While we were driving on the great road, our eyes smash into the beautiful buildings on both sides of the way. We stopped at the Dubai Rulers Palace to take some pictures.

    The palace was lovely and an excellent example of the precious Arabian artwork. We were all excited to see the Dubai Rulers Palace, which is the residence of the ruling family in Dubai.

    The beauty of this Palace is beyond any description. Like any other heritage building in Dubai, this Palace is also magnificently maintained. The Government of Dubai and its organization work behind the maintenance of this beautiful Palace.My Amazing Full Day Dubai City Tour Experience 14

  2. Visit Dubai Mall:

    And then came the time when we headed towards the famous Dubai Mall. We were extremely spellbound when we entered the biggest shopping mall in the world.

    This shopping mall has world biggest brand stores in it.

    The Dubai Mall, one of the most expensive shopping malls across the globe. It was an experience in itself to surf various global brands at different stores of the shopping mall.My Amazing Full Day Dubai City Tour Experience 15

  3. Entrance to Dubai Museum:

    This is one place where I wanted to visit, as I have had heard about Prophet Mohammad’s hair preserved in this museum. That was a massive attraction for me.

    As we entered the hall, we saw the old city maps on the stair galleries. We saw videos that narrated the story of the city’s evolution from the discovery of oil in the year 1960.

    Additionally, the museum showcases various souks that sell pearls, spices, and other precious metal. I was happy to see the rich cultural heritage of the nation, beautifully presented in multiple sections of the museum.My Amazing Full Day Dubai City Tour Experience 16

I always am interested to know about the history of a place in my visit rather than just spending the time in clicking selfies. The Dubai Museum filled that desire with ultimate content.

I have had goosebumps as I came to know how this country unified itself and marked its presence in the list of the wealthiest nations of the world in such short time.

Well, we entered the museum since we had enough time with us. In case you have spent more time in other sightseeing, you can cut this visit short to balance your total time.

Happy Ending Words

Finally, our day trip to Dubai City Tour came to an end. We could cover all desired a spot in the 8 hours of Dubai City Tour we have booked. Ever since I was planning for Dubai, I always was wondering that how I would be able to complete visiting the entire city in just a day’s break.

My Amazing Full Day Dubai City Tour Experience 17

We were overwhelmed by the hospitality we received from our tour operators “Travel Plan Dubai.” They showed patience and politeness throughout the day.

We were all satisfied with the service we received. We received the worth of our money we spent on this booking. We wish to go for the same Dubai Tour Operators every time we visit Dubai.

They have services across the UAE. We cannot thank them enough for gifting us this lovely day trip to Dubai City.

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