The Beautiful Beaches to Relax You in Abu Dhabi

Beaches! One of the most favourite destinations for many people! As we think about the beaches, we see beautiful visuals of the sea or ocean that offers its kiss curls to your feet. As we think about beaches, the first thing that strikes our minds is sandy beaches and the warm waves that greets us.

Abu Dhabi has a lot in store for you. Apart from the eye-soothing greenery, sky-scrapers, and historical monuments, the city beaches are one of the most loved attractions for you. If you are passionate about luxurious beach relaxation, Abu Dhabi beaches are for you to enjoy a lifetime experience and memory.

Abu Dhabi is well known for its sandy beaches and turquoise clear water. The capital of the emirates has both the public and private beaches.

The beautiful beaches in Abu Dhabi are as follows-

Corniche Beach

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The Corniche Beach stretches from the Corniche Road near the Hilton Hotel to beyond Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street. There lies the main entrance gate to the beach. There are lots of umbrella shelters for you to relax on the beach. It is quite easy to find umbrellas during the weekdays. Whereas, during weekends you will have a tough time in finding the umbrellas. This is because the local crowd gathers in the beach during weekends that makes it difficult for everyone to find a suitable umbrella shelter. Apart from the umbrellas, there are floating fences everywhere in the water. The presence of these fences makes sure that you remain within 40 metres of the beach and do not swim away. However, there are many lifeguards available until sunset. There are 3 separate sections in the beach, families, singles and the general public. The entry to the family and single’s beach is chargeable at AED 10. The entry to the public beach is all free. A lot of parking space is available within 5 minutes’ walk from the beach. The parking space can roughly accommodate up to 1100 cars. Showers, cabins and changing rooms are also available for people after sea-fun. This beach has been awarded The Blue Flag status, which is an indicator of high environmental and quality standards. The Corniche beach was awarded for its clean and safe bathing water.

Yas Beach

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The Yas Beach is located on the Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. This beach is surrounded by natural mangroves, white sands and has crystal clear waters. Yas Beach has a new beach lounge area. This lounge area is equipped with open-air DJ booth with a bar, an infinity pool, and 5 private chalets. While in Abu Dhabi, you can have the best food in Tikki Bar and restaurant. It is a tropical themed restaurant. Only on Fridays, the infinity pool can be accessed by 21+ adults. There are a lot of activities available for the kids to keep themselves entertained. They can either build a sand castle with a bucket and a shovel or can have a splash in the kiddie’s pool. The entry fee to this activity-based beach is AED 50, while on weekends and public holidays it is raised to AED 100. The entry fee for Children up to 12 years is absolutely free.

This beach also has a beach club which provides adrenaline rushed sports activities. This beach club also has volleyball facilities.

Saadiyat Public Beach

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The Saadiyat Public Beach is the first public beach on the Saadiyat Island. The new public beach is located just past the Park Hyatt Saadiyat. This beach is managed by BAKE. It has showers and changing rooms for the visitors. A number of lifeguards are always on duty for the safety of the tourists and locals enjoying in the water. Parking is not a problem on this beach. There is ample amount of parking space. Umbrellas and lounge chairs are available on rent basis for Dhs 50 during weekdays and Dhs 75 during weekends and Public holidays. This 9 KM long beach is environmentally protected.

This beach is open seven days, a week from 8 AM to sunset. The entry is AED 25 for every adult visiting here and AED 15 for children over 6 years. However, the entry is free for children up to 5 years.

There is a yoga session being held at the beach. This is to calm your inner self from your everyday busy life, along with many eco-friendly water sports activities. A lot of visitors are found to be passionate about yoga and meditation. There are various such centres besides the beach that offer such services. Experts in the field carry out regular sessions to bring serenity amidst all the thrills and adventures of Abu Dhabi. There are also a lot of recreational activities.

There are fabulous beach cafeterias for the visitors to relax and gulp their favourite snacks and beverages. Well, we all will agree that food is the next thing that we look for after some sea thrill, isn’t it? Let us know more about the beaches in the city.

Saadiyat Beach Club

The Saadiyat Beach Club is the very first beach club on the Saadiyat Island. The beach club provides its members fine living and wellness with world-class facilities. It has a lounge, bar, pool, gym, spa with Jacuzzi and steam rooms, restaurants. It provides a unique experience to its members by giving them the value of membership.

Al Bateen Beach for Women

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The Al Bateen Beach for Women is a very small beach dedicated only to women and children up to 12 years. The conservative section of the Abu Dhabi considers this beach suitable for the ladies where they can enjoy freely. Privacy and safety are of the prime considerations in this beach. There are long fence walls across the beach to maintain the privacy of the beach. Female lifeguards are always available until sunset. This beach has the capacity to accommodate 1100 women and children in its crystal-clear water. The shoreline allows almost 5000 visitors to sunbathe, relax and entertain themselves. The entry fee is AED 25 for every adult and AED 5 for children aged between 3 to 12 years. However, boys above 6 years are not permitted to enter the beach. The beach timings are from 8 AM to 9 PM.  The beach has been awarded the respectable Blue Flag sustainability award by the Emirates Wildlife Authority.

Mirfa Beach

The Mirfa Beach is a less crowded beach is the only developed beach in Al Dhafra. You know you will enjoy relaxing the more in less crowded beaches. As a matter of non-commercial beaches are most loved by tourists to spend a quiet relaxing time. The less crowded beaches also have facilities for food and drinks for the visitors. Interestingly, the Al Gharbia Watersports Festival is held at this beach every year to entertain the visitors. The adrenaline rushing water sports include surf-ski kayaking, kiteboarding, and wakeboarding win every adventure lover.

Intercontinental Bayshore

The private beach of Intercontinental Bayshore is located just 5 minutes from the Corniche. This beach includes:

  1.   A 300 metres natural sandy beach
  2.   Separate children’s play area and pool for them
  3.   An infinity pool with a pool bar and an open air Jacuzzi
  4.   Day spa with multi-treatment rooms
  5.   A restaurant for the visitors to relax.

This beach offers premium health care facilities and many sports activities. Some of the major sports including Stand-up Paddle, Wakeboarding, Fly board, Scuba Diving and much more.

During the week, the entry fee for every single entry is AED 150, AED 270 for couples and AED 80 for the kids. The entry fees during the weekends are AED 200 for singles, AED 390 for couples and AED 100 for kids. It is opened daily from 8 AM to 8 PM.

Al Lulu Island

The name Al Lulu is derived from Arabic meaning ‘pearl’. Al Lulu Island is a 1050-acre man-made island. This man-made island stretches from Abu Dhabi Breakwater to Zayed Sea Port. The island is recently closed to the public. However, you can only get to the island by a private boat. The most striking feature of this island is that it’s very clean and beautiful. It’s a wonderful destination for couples to spend some private time. The beach is very less crowded and offers golden privacy for romantic holidays.

Apart from the beaches in Abu Dhabi, we have included the beach clubs in this article to give you a fair idea about the beach leisure. 

  •   Hiltonia Beach Club– This beach club is a mini getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. There are a large number of trees to protect the visitors from the scorching heat of the sun. This beach club has a spa, a gym, a private beach, many restaurants, and pools. The restaurants and pools are separated by grassy areas. The entry fee is Dh 150 during weekdays and Dh 185 during weekends.
  •   Nation Riviera Beach Club– This beach club is well known for its 200 metres long pristine beach and turquoise water. It is managed by St. Regis Abu Dhabi. This beach club provides fitness, luxury, and recreational activities. On weekdays and public holidays, the day passes are available for Dh 300, while on weekends, the day passes are available for Dh 400.
  •   Beach Rotana– This award-winning beach resort is located in one of the premier locations of Abu Dhabi. Here, the traditional Arabian reception gets blended with the Modern style luxury. This beach resort is equipped with a private beach club adjoining swimming pool, water sports, kid’s club and gym. It also has a spa with steam rooms.
  •   Shangri-La Beach Club– This beach club is the ultimate destination to get rid of the boredom of everyday life. Though the beach is very small, the services here is very efficient. The beach club provides numerous umbrellas to its visitors to relief them from the scorching heat of the sun. It is opened from 6 AM to 8 PM. You can either stretch out on the beach or on the adjacent beautiful lawn or you can pick a lounger and relax.
  •   Emirates Palace Beach Club– This is the most beautiful beach club. This 1.3 KM long private beach has 2 wings- East Wing and the West Wing. The East wing comprises of a swim-up pool bar and a Jacuzzi. The West wing is ideal for families and has a lazy river. Previously, the entry to this club was restricted to 100 members and those staying at the hotel. Now, the day passes have been introduced. It costs Dh 500 on weekdays, and Dh 700 on weekends. These day passes also include non-motorised activities such as kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, windsurfing and sailing.
  •   The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal– It is situated in the City Centre Area of Abu Dhabi. This is beautifully located amongst 57 acres stunning landscaped gardens. It has a hot tub, fitness centre, sauna, a private beach overlooking the Grand Canal. There is a golf course within 3 KMS from the luxury hotel. This has become an ideal spot for the visitors to relax after a tiring week.

The other famous beaches and beach clubs of Dubai which provide some sort of comfort from the everyday life are Kitesurfing Beach, Heritage Valley Beach, Monte Carlo Beach Club and many more. The crystal-clear water and the white pristine beach provides the best serenity.

Our prime objective is to take you through as many beaches as possible. Being contributors of Abu Dhabi, we take pride in all the beaches of our city. It depends on your time and preference that helps us to design the best plans for you. Our tour guides are there to pick you up from the hotel in our air-conditioned luxury cars. We promise to provide you the best relaxation from the daily hustle and bustle of life. Just relax on the beach or have a dip in the warm water.

While on the beach it’s essential to follow these:

  1.   Carry a swimsuit if you choose to enjoy the ocean
  2.   Towels
  3.   Sunscreen lotion with beach-sun protected SPF
  4.   Sarong
  5.   Hat
  6.   Pair of shades
  7.   Comfortable shoes (flip-flops more preferably), and
  8.   Umbrellas

Do not worry if you are not carrying any of these items, you can get each of them easily at various shacks at the beaches itself. The beach beverages will keep you hydrated and energised all day long.

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