Al Lulu Island- A Pearl in the Desert

Islands! A small land surrounded by water on three sides. As we think of islands we can visualize the waves from the sea or ocean curling at our feet. It is one of the most preferred tourist destinations for many people. 

Al Lulu Island- A Pearl in the Desert 1


Abu Dhabi offers its tourists and visitors a whole new experience to make their holidays memorable. Besides, historical monuments, huge skyscrapers, and lush greenery, Abu Dhabi is well known for its pristine white beaches. This beautiful capital city is home to more than 200 islands. Some of these beautiful islands like al lulu island are easily accessible to the public. These islands offer their visitors plenty of unique entertainment options varying from culture to luxury. Among these splendid islands, Al Lulu Island is worth mentioning.

 The name Al Lulu is derived from an Arabic word meaning ‘pearl’. In short, the Al Lulu Island is also known as the Lulu Island. It covers an area of about 1050 acres. The Al Lulu Island is mainly a man-made island. The mesmerizing Lulu Island consists of two parts:

  1. The rough land, and
  2. The perfectly manicured one

Location and Other Details

The Lulu Island runs parallel to the Corniche Public Beach. It extends from the Abu Dhabi Breakwater to the Zayed Sea Port. The beautiful island is surrounded by large pristine white beaches. 

This splendid island was developed by none other than the world-renowned architectural firm, Arquitectonica.

History of Al Lulu Island

lulu island

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In 1988, the authorities began the process of converting the land to a more productive one. They completed the land reclamation in 1992. During the mid-1990s, the Al Lulu Island was a popular tourist craze. It then featured itself as a Disney Theme Park.

After that, many attempts were made to develop this island into one of the popular tourist spots in Abu Dhabi. The Lulu Island was undertaken by Sorouh Real Estate in 2006. This real estate group is concerned with the development of this marvelous island into a profit-oriented, trading and residential hub.

However, in the early days, the visitors can get to this island by ferry services. In the year 2007, the island was re-opened to the public with some major developments.

Due to some redevelopment purposes, the ferry services were stopped suddenly and unexpectedly during the year 2009. The Lulu Island was then closed to the public for some unknown renovation work. 

In fact, the Lulu Island is now one of the most popular destinations in this beautiful city.

Holiday Spot

Now a day, you can get to the Lulu Island by a private boat. This is the only option to reach this marvelous island. There are various private boats, which are anchored at the island. The Al Lulu Island is a much-loved place for adventure seekers. It provides various adrenaline-rushed water sports activities. You can even enjoy Jet Skiing here. Take your own Jet skis, or don’t worry if you don’t have one.  Many Jet Skis Rental Companies deliver there on a rental basis. The Lulu Island is the perfect place to relax or spend some quality time with family and friends. You can just lie down and have a perfect sunbathe. The beach provides desired spaces for barbecues. Besides, the beaches provide all the essential items required for swimming. 

The front shore of the beach stretches for about 3 kilometres, while the backshore extends about 4 kilometres. The Lulu Island comprises of public beaches, playing parks, freshwater lakes, and some separate sports space.  The Lulu Island has a free train service that can take you on a wonderful ride and have a glimpse of the whole island.

There are various chalets scattered along the beach stretch. The chalets are limited in numbers and not properly maintained. But, don’t stress yourself. They will still provide you with the best shelter on the island.

Food! During a tiring day on the island, all we crave is for some delicious foods and drinks. The Lulu Island provides various types of restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes. These are sure to satiate your hunger and keep you hydrated for the whole day. Apart from these, the splendid island offers you some perfect spots for picnics and barbecues.

 A lot of visitors visit here to spend their leisure times. Yet, it is surprising that the Lulu Island never seems to be crowded to visitors. The main reason being, every visitor to this island will have his/ her own private spot. It’s a wonderful destination for couples to spend some private time and have an excellent and valuable memory of their romantic holidays.

Getting To the Island

Various private boats lined up in front of the Marina Mall from Corniche. Board any boat from there, and head to this splendid Lulu Island. The boat services start at 8 AM and close at 8 PM. The island is open 7 days a week. The entrance fee to this island is Dhs 15 for every visitor visiting here. However, children under 5 years of age are allowed to enter for free.

 You will be mesmerized to see how clean and beautiful the Lulu Island is, as soon as you reach there. In other words, the beautiful island is well maintained not only by the authorities but also by its visitors. They make sure that they do not leave behind any single piece of paper and take it back with them to the mainland.

Some Recent Developments

The Lulu Island promotes 15 neighborhoods, mosques, schools, and shops. A new permanent bridge that connects the island to the mainland has been recently constructed. A 400 meters plus landmark tower known as Lulu Tower is the most recent development. The Lulu Tower is developed to serve luxury residential and mixed-use purposes. The tower consists of 20 floors, 3 car park basements with two car lifts, and a leisure rooftop area with a swimming pool and a gym. The project amounted to almost $ 18 Million. 

The authorities have decided to hand over the Lulu Island to the famous property developer, Aldar. They are assigned to the development of housing and leisure activities. 


Have you ever dreamt of living on an island? Then, this place is a must-visit for you. With its beautiful apartments, townhouses, villas, and penthouses, the Lulu Island will provide you with a luxurious and memorable experience in their resorts. Abu Dhabi is renowned for its pristine beaches and turquoise clear water. The visitors to Lulu Island are sure to get marvelous views of the skyline. The tourists can even set up their tents in desired areas to get some relief from the scorching heat. The Lulu Island protects Abu Dhabi from the high tides and open waters of the Arabian Gulf. If you are passionate about beach relaxation, then Lulu Island should top your priority list.

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