Hollywood-inspired Theme Park Motiongate, Dubai

Motiongate is one of the best wonders in Dubai. It is a Hollywood-inspired theme park and is situated in the Dubai Parks and Resorts area. It is located in the outskirts of Dubai and currently has free shuttles available from various hotel locations as well as public transports. This park was inaugurated in December 2016, despite the original date of inauguration being in October 2016. Since the inaugural dates of Motiongate and Legoland Park were clashing, the inauguration of this park was postponed.

Hollywood-inspired theme park Motiongate

Hollywood-inspired theme park Motiongate

The entire park is divided into a number of regions. These zones are called Studio Central, Columbia Pictures, Smurfs Village, DreamWorks Animation and Lionsgate respectively. The modernity and level of entertainment offered here have garnered the patronage of lakhs of tourists who visit this park every year.

Best wonders in Dubai, Motiongate

Best wonders in Dubai, Motiongate

Framework of Motiongate Park, Dubai

The entire framework of the park comprises of the following:

  • Family Rides: There is a plethora of family rides for the fun and entertainment of adults and children alike. Some of the most classic family rides here are:
  • Shrek’s Ride- This ride will take you to the world of a storybook where Fiona and Shrek will tell their triplets how they met in a heartwarming and surprising manner. All this will be a puppet show and will be surely loved by all the kids.
  • Hotel Transylvania- This scary ride is all open for people. You can join Murray the Mummy, Frankenstein, Dracula and his daughter, Wayne the werewolf and many other scary yet hilarious creatures who will take you on a frenetic ride experience. Explore huge castles and be ready to greet surprises.
  • Ghostbusters- This high-tech interactive ride will take you to Temple of Gozer. There you can fight a rooftop battle and show off your shooting and ghost busting skills.
  • Smurf’s Tours- The loving Smurf Superstars will engage you in a whimsical movie studio. You will be in the limelight but soon, havoc will be wreaked by the dastardly Gargamel.
  • Swamp Celebration- This ride is again based on the favorite creature – Fiona and Shrek. You can join them in an adorable and affectionate birthday party held by them for their triplets. Shrek’s grassy swamp is a very interesting place to be. This ride is highly enjoyable and will get you rocking and rolling with Ogres.
  • Fountain of Dreams- This multi-sensory fountain has a plethora of characters including Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda, Dragon etc.
  • Kung Fu Panda- This ride delivers unstoppable awesomeness. The 4D simulator will get you on a rollicking adventure that is full of fun and entertainment.

Other interesting family rides are The Swinging Viking and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

  • Kids Rides: Some other rides have been developed solely for the entertainment of kids. They are-
  • Smurf’s Village Playhouse-This live animated show is also very popular among kids.
  • Melman-Go Round- It is designed on the same pattern as a merry-go-round. This super fun ride is highly imaginative, spectacular and musical.
  • Camp Viking- Another star-studded ride is the Camp Viking. There are various fun elements like water guns, crawl netting and dragons for the fun of your children.
  • Noodle Fling- This teacup spinning ride will get you twirling and whirling.
  • Penguin Air- It is a fun kid ride and allows your kid to glide into Penguin aircraft adventures.
  • Motion Simulators- The highlight of the motion simulators is the Underworld 4D. It will take you on a multi-sensory and imaginative experience. You will be transported back to times of fight between the Lycans and the Vampires. This show will give you epic displays of paintings, bravado and weapons. With the thrill and action-packed journey, this suspenseful journey will leave you breathless and asking for more.
  • Panem Aerial Tour: This is purely inspired by the iconic Hunger Games. This tour is only witnessed by a handful of people. While soar over the iconic landmarks of the Capitol, Peacekeepers will see your aircraft and will try to spot you down. You will be trapped in an epic battle.
  • Play Area: Among the play areas, Flint’s Imaginative Lab, Woodland Play Park and Smurberry Factory are highly popular. In the first play area, children can experiment inside the colorful and imaginative Flint’s Lab. In the second one, all the families will work hard in a berry processing factory. In the last one, children can explore perfect outdoor space for their games and activities.
  • Roller Coaster Rides: Dragon Gliders will take you to the forbidden islands. You will be able to see the skies and high above the iconic village of Berk. Capitol Bullet Train will give you 360 degrees of pure thrill. This supersonic ride is designed to fill you with mirth.
  • Water Rides: The cloudy ambiance with a Chance of Meatballs will make your gut ready for pure adventure. You will go right into the center of lush jungles. Riders will come in touch with the mind-boggling food world.
Hollywood-inspired Theme Park Motiongate, Dubai 1

Motiongate Family Ride

Motiongate Dubai offers the highest level of entertainment to the public. Apart from Legoland parks in Dubai, it remains one of the most important attractions in Dubai. Keeping Dubai heat in mind, most of the park’s rides and attractions are located indoors. This theme park gives people another great reason to visit Dubai.

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