Desert Safari Dubai Tours And Tickets

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the most desirable continent in the world. People across the world make plans to experience the rich Arabic culture. Though you can visit various places in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the Dubai desert safari is the most famous and happening activity you should try out. If you have already planned a visit to Dubai this year, you should add the craziest desert safari tour to your to-do list.

You can even plan for a specific desert safari tour in Dubai. It will be a fun-filling and memorable trip. Trust me, you don’t want to miss a chance to be a part of this unforgettable rough ride journey in Dubai.   

World Famous Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai desert safari is famous because of the rough SUV ride on the dry and sandy roads of the deserts. If you love trying daring things, then this tour is perfect for you. Though, the ride is safe for any individual. You are always accompanied by industry professionals for your safety and security.

desert sunset

You can experience the famous Camel Ride followed by various desert sports activities. You can spend quality time in the deserts. Evening desert safari would be more fun as you don’t have to face the sunstrokes. So, plan your Dubai desert safari tour accordingly.

Hummer Desert Safari Tour Dubai

Hummer is the most powerful XUV especially designed for rough roads like Dubai deserts. If you are in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you don’t want to miss a chance to have a ride on Hummer on those sandy rough roads.

hummer desert safari dubai

Hummer is a 4X4 ride, and it is quite safe and fun to travel on this powerful XUV. You don’t need to worry about your safety because expert drivers ride these Hummers. You just fasten up your seat belt and enjoy the journey.

Desert Safari Dubai Price

The pricing and cost for the Dubai desert safari depend on the days you cover and the activities you want to add to your itinerary. You can get the best customized Dubai desert safari under your budget. Compare the pricing of different travel planners online and choose the best option available.   

Morning Desert Safari

Morning or day desert safari tours can be planned best in winter. The biggest advantage of morning desert safari in Dubai is that you can cover a maximum number of places and you can try out various desert activities.

camel ride evening

You are required to carry some necessary items with you to keep yourself safe and hydrated during the journey.  

Things To Consider For Dubai Desert Safari

You need to keep all the below-mentioned things in mind while planning for a Dubai desert safari tour;


Budget is the most important factor to be considered while making a plan for the Dubai desert safari. Keep an extra budget for variable expenses too. The more you will spend, the better your tour package you can expect.

Calendar Days

Consider climate conditions and specific days when the Dubai tour must not be planned. If you wish to experience all the important activities of the Dubai desert safari, then you need to make a plan for at least 3 Nights/4 days. Though, you can cover the major activities and places in a day. But you don’t want to miss the city tour, so make your plan accordingly.   

Pack The Essentials

You should always carry some essential items if you are planning for a Dubai desert safari tour. Always carry a water bottle, extra wearables, a hat, scarf, light food, desert-friendly shoes, medicines, and some life-saving drugs.    

Pre-examine Your Health

It is of utmost importance to have a pre-examination of your mental and physical health before you start your journey for the Dubai desert safari. If you have any specific medical condition, then avoid visiting the deserts.


Dubai desert safari is not confined to the above-mentioned activities only, but it has more to offer. You can enjoy rough sand bike rides, enjoy the open bonfire followed by the famous belly dance and delicious BBQ food. Enjoy the company of Sheikhs in Dubai and experience their Arabic culture closely. 

Make sure you add the maximum attraction in your itinerary. Hire a professional Dubai travel planner and book your desired Dubai desert safari tour online. Book Your Tickets Now!

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