VIP Desert Safari Tour In Dubai

VIP desert safari is a well-known fun trip to Dubai, UAE. If you love luxury trips around the world, then Dubai can be one of the most thrilling places for you in the world. Planning the trip is the most important and tedious task to do because you need to emphasize every detail. Once the list of things is ready, you need to make a to-do list. You should utilize the available days smartly so that you can try out all the compulsory things in the rough deserts of Dubai.
In this informative, we guide you on how you can spend your time and have maximum enjoyment on this unforgettable VIP Desert Safari Tour.

Dune Bashing On Land Cruisers

dune bashing land cruiser

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Dune bashing on the rough and sandy roads of Dubai is a thrilling experience. If you are daring enough to be a part of this crazy journey, one thing is sure, you will never forget this trip ever. This straight upwards ride on the powerful four wheels of Land Cruiser will take your breath away. You get the company of expert professionals to drive the XUV safely while making this ride extremely fun for you. Try this amazing ride if you are in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

VIP Sitting in Desert Camp

Everyone loves to do camping in the open, but how would you feel if you had to do this camping in the desert? Sounds exciting already? Yes, you can enjoy the natural environment of the Dubai desert by having a camp in the desert. It will be a real experience of your life, so make the most of it.

VIP in Desert Safari Camp

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VIP sitting in a desert camp is a different kind of experience because you can expect the company of rich Sheikhs of Dubai. You can try out the rich flavor of hookah while having the richest and oldest wine. You can even experience the outdoor bonfire in the evening.   

Belly Dance Show


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The belly dance show is the main attraction of the Dubai desert safari tour. You must add this activity to your to-do list and enjoy the VIP hospitality of the hosts. Belly dance is an Arabic dance form performed by the most attractive girls in UAE. The dance performance is so mesmerizing that you don’t want it to ever finish.

Tanoura Dance Show

Tanoura dance is a folk dance form in Muslim countries. Tanoura means skirt, and that is why Sufi men wearing flurry skirts perform this dance performance. They continuously spin while dancing. It is one of the main highlights of the Dubai desert safari tour. It is a must-add activity in your VIP desert safari tour.  

Fire Show

The Dubai fire show is quite famous worldwide as it is performed to stun the audience. The whole show is blended with aerobics, dance moves, fire props, and mind-blowing moves. You don’t want to miss the fire show, though it will depend on the festive occasions in Dubai.

BBQ Buffet Dinner

What is the most interesting part of your Dubai desert safari tour, if you are a non-vegetarian? Then it is going to be the best dinner of your life. You are served a delicious BBQ Buffet Dinner with non-vegetarian food with lots of variety. Though, you can try out vegetarian food as well. The live BBQ has it all. You will enjoy every bite of the food with the richness of unique spices. Book your table beforehand, and enjoy your evening meal.  

BBQ Dinner Served on Your Table

You get the best hospitality in the seven-star property as you are served with the deliciously smoky BBQ dinner on your table. You don’t need to go anywhere, and you get the food within a couple of minutes. The frequency of service is amazing. You just need to relax and enjoy the food.


If you are planning to visit Dubai soon to experience the Dubai desert safari, then you should add all the above-mentioned activities to your to-do list. Though you can try out different desert sports activities in Dubai, and you can add more things to do. You just need to have sufficient days for this VIP desert safari tour. Make sure you carry all the necessary items with you. Book A Trip Now!

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