Legoland – Bursting Colors & Buzzing Activities

Legoland, bursting with color and buzzing with activity is a very popular group of family parks in Dubai. These themed parks are operated, owned and controlled by British giants, Merlin Entertainments. These parks are not fully owned by the Lego Group. Legoland has many beautiful places to its credit. Legoland Windsor Resort was opened in Windsor. Legoland Billund Resort was inaugurated in the year 1968. Many other themed parks were also opened in Florida, Japan, Dubai, California, Germany, and Malaysia.

The Grand entrance of Legoland, Dubai

The Grand entrance of Legoland, Dubai

Legoland Dubai Theme Park

Legoland in Dubai has a host of parks and resorts for children and adults. Legoland Dubai marks the seventh theme park of its kind. There are a plethora of roller coaster rides for the entertainment of children. All the Legoland parks are split into numerous areas. There are also many educational elements for the growth and development of children. Some of them are:

  1. Lego Mindstorms allow fun-based learning
  2. Water channels allow kids to develop dams out of Lego blocks.
  3. Wild Woods
  4. My Town
  5. Interactive music instruments like an underwater pipe organ.
  6. Knight’s Kingdom
  7. Driving Area
Family fun at Legoland, Dubai

Family fun at Legoland, Dubai

All these games and plays allow for the holistic development of kids in multiple bits of intelligence. All the rides in the Lego Park are built on a similar theme. They seem to have been carved out of the Lego bricks. One of the most popular rides is Dragon Coaster. It is somewhat based on the popular Knight’s Kingdom sets of Legoland.

Legoland is a perfect place for family. If you want to build experience and enjoy your day to the fullest, Legoland park is an ideal place to be. For a perfect day with children, Legoland has the following:

Factory: All the fun with family heralds at this spot. The factory shows you how the Lego bricks are made. You can also visit the popular Big Shop which is regarded as the Lego store of the Middle East.

City: Another highlight of Legoland Dubai is the Lego City. It is a super cool city that allows kids to steer the boat, fly a plane, earn driving license of Legoland or save a burning building. You kid can feel like a superhero at this place. Teamwork and determination are the things your child can learn at this place.

Fun Filled Legoland

Fun Filled Legoland

Imagination: Legoland Dubai is regarded as an imagination booster. Every Lego fan enjoys the imagination center. You can race cars or build them from scratch. Lego Mindstorms also allows your kid to get a hand on robotics. The Lego Technic Twister provides the ultimate excitement. It is entirely the centrifugal forces versus you. You will go spinning with pure joy and excitement. Apart from these, the imagination center also has Power Towers for Kids. From their towering heights, kids can get a fascinating view. More than just courage can be built in the imagination center of the Legoland Dubai.

 Kingdoms: It is a fascinating place for the kids to be. Kids can enjoy on the Dragon coaster that goes right through the King’s castle. Young princesses and knights can join the super fun ride to the Dragon’s Apprentice in this medieval land. Kingdom provides an ideal place for the families to go on a long quest. Merlin’s Challenge is another fascinating place where you and your kids would like to be.

Adventure: Kids are young explorers. They seek adventure and enjoyment. The divers of Lego can go on a thrilling underwater adventure. The entire family can take part in such excursions. You can power ski on the varied Wave Racers while dodging all the powerful water blasts and cruise through the antediluvian temple ruins (This is very interesting!). Discover the pharaoh’s stolen treasure with all your intelligence.

Rides at Legoland

Rides at Legoland

Miniland: A family day is incomplete without a tour to the Miniland. Miniland is the very center of the Legoland Park. In fact, Dubai Legoland Park is the first one to get a fully air-conditioned indoor Miniland. It is a highly interactive area and comprises of mind-boggling 20 million + Lego bricks. This fascinating place also features the iconic skyline of Dubai. All the key landmarks of Dubai and other areas of the United Arab Emirates also feature under the roof of the Miniland. Guests can bring the depictive models to breathe by a mere touch of their finger. One of the most interesting features of Miniland is the ‘Build a City’. It comprises of a ten-meter play table which sits beneath the white bricks. On it, the visitors can create a changing skyline of their own.

Legoland Parks are highly popular and widespread throughout the globe. In Dubai, you can enjoy their services to the fullest. A huge area has been devoted to their construction. It is a must visit attraction of Dubai and must be on your priority list.

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